Beyond the fact that sometimes it’s just easier to create a craft with the things you have sitting around the house, it’s also great to reuse items we would otherwise throw away. Crafting like this is a way of doing tikkun olam, (repairing the world). In other words, we can help repair the world one art project at a time. I was recently told by our preschool director that in the "old days" preschools didn't buy any new supplies. They just reused things they had on hand. 

Maybe we can all leave a tinier carbon footprint by thinking globally and creating Jewishly. I have described 10 projects below that you can easily create with your kids out of objects that would otherwise be thrown away or recycled. Some of them are for specific holidays, and others are for everyday Jewish life. Get your craft on! 

Hand Washer
Havdalah Spice Bag
Kippah Holder
Paper Plate Apple Decoration for Rosh Hashanah or Sukkot
Passover Seder Plate
Purim Grogger

Shabbat Candle Box
Sukkot Paper Chains
Tin Mezuzah
Tzedakah Box



Rachel Teichman

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