Simchat Torah is a holiday that means "celebration of the Torah." And that’s the vibe on this holiday. Kids and adults dance around in synagogues (and in some cases, even out onto the streets) to celebrate finishing the cycle of reading the Torah--and then starting up again. These activities will help you maximize your Torah happiness quotient this year.


"Torah Torah," one of the classic songs of Simchat Torah, is a great song for your kids as it’s upbeat and really repetitive, making it easy for kids to remember. (Note: It's so catchy they might be singing until Hanukkah!) This version is by Cantor Deborah Katchko and is on the album Kinder Songs.


The Sammy Spider series introduces kids to the Jewish holidays through the lovable Sammy Spider, who always wants to do people things, not spider things. In Sammy Spider's First Simchat Torah by Sylvia A. Rouss, Sammy gets his chance when he follows a little boy named Josh through his celebration of Simchat Torah.


It's traditional to make flags on Simchat Torah that you can wave as you parade around the synagogue--or your living room. This easy project calls for lots of things that are already hanging around your house, including paper towel rolls.


Caramel apples are delicious and can even be easy and quick to make with this recipe. Coat them in whatever fun toppings you want and in under 15 minutes, you'll have a yummy Simchat Torah treat.