Though the holiday of Sukkot officially has a lot to do with wandering through the desert, it really feels like a celebration of autumn. Leaves are falling, the air is getting crisp, and it’s time for apples and pumpkins. Here are some great ways to celebrate Sukkot and its fall harvest with your kids. 


Since building a sukkah is often totally unfeasible for city-dwellers, it can be hard to understand what Sukkot’s all about. “In My Sukkah,” sung by Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, is an upbeat introduction to Sukkot and what a sukkah’s all about anyway. (The song can be found on the album Amazing Songs for Amazing Jewish Kids.) 


Like many children’s books, Tamar’s Sukkah by Ellie Gellman has a sweet lesson at the end about the power of friendship. But beyond that, it’s a great introduction to what a sukkah is and how to celebrate Sukkot.


Combine art and nature in one when you and your child do this fun activity with fall leaves. Though these leaf pictures are simple to make, they will surely impress any grandparent lucky enough to be given this to decorate their refrigerator.


These scrumptious and easy-to-bake pumpkin chocolate-chip cookies evoke fall with their pumpkin flavor, and are easily your sukkah, to school, to work, to the couch...