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Tu Bishvat Recipes


Tu Bishvat, the birthday of the trees, is a great excuse to celebrate trees and the environment. We like to do it with fruit-filled treats--try out some of our favorites!



The Facts

Tu Bishvat Basics Tu Bishvat Basics
What the Birthday of the Trees is all about.
How to Celebrate
What to do on Tu Bishvat.
The Reluctant Environmentalist
Cutting back to a one car family.

Tree-y Sweets

Lemon Lavender Cake Recipe Lemon Lavender Cake Recipe
Scrumptious cake for a winter's morning.
Tu Bishvat Chocolate Fondue
How do you get your kids to eat fruit?
Date-Orange Muffins
A sweet fruity treat.

Savory Snacks

Fig and Cheese Sandwiches Fig and Cheese Sandwiches
Sweet figs with tangy goat cheese.
A Fruity Dinner for Tu Bishvat
What to eat on the birthday of the trees.
A fruity and refreshing drink.

Fun with Kids

Tu Bishvat Activities
Tu Bishvat Activities
Ways to celebrate the day with your kids.
Candy & Tu Bishvat
Adding a little (or a lot) of sweetness.
Bird Feeder: Gift for the Trees
What's good for the bird is good for the tree.