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Yom Kippur


It's not just about fasting. Here's our ideas on how to add meaning to this serious holiday.



What It's All About

Yom Kippur Yom Kippur
What the Day of Atonement in all about.
Shofar Sounds
The noises of the High Holidays.
Why I Fast
Mayim Bialik shares her story.

Parenting on Yom Kippur

Saying I'm Sorry Saying I'm Sorry
How kids can say they're sorry, and really mean it.
What Prayers Mean
A deeper understanding.
Fasting with a Baby
Is it too hard?

What to Read

Top 5 Books for Kids Top 5 Books for Kids
Great reads about the High Holidays.
New Year at the Pier
A contemporary tale.
You Never Heard of Sandy Koufax?!
For the sports fans in your family.

Breaking the Fast

Cheese Lokshen Kugel
Cheese Lokshen Kugel
Cheesy, sweet goodness for Shavuot--or whenever.
Break Fast Recipes
The best ways to end Yom Kippur.
Recipe for traditional cheese blintzes.