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This matzah-filled holiday lasts for 8 days. Luckily, Kveller's your guide for everything you'll need, from preparing a seder to the best Passover movies.



Matzah and More

Matzah Baking Matzah Baking
A delicious way to make your own matzah
Afikomen Bag Craft
Adding some style to your matzah hunt
Passover Recipes
All of our favorites in one place

Setting Up A Seder

How to Prepare a Seder How to Prepare a Seder
For those with the (matzo) balls to host your own Passover meal.
How to Survive a Seder With Kids
Manage the squirming with these easy tips
Seder Plate Coloring Page
A great and simple activity for kids

What It's All About

Passover Basics Passover Basics
From Moses to matzah, what this holiday is all about
Passover Activites
A few fun things to do with your kids
The Four Questions
A great reference for you

Making It Fun

Passover Songs
Passover Songs
A fun way to jazz up your seder
Passover Movies
The toughest critics chose these: kids
Passover Video: Seder Plate
An original by The Macaroons