Even though Passover means a week without bread, we've found that lots of people still love the holiday. It's gotta be the seder. The seder is an awesome interactive experience for the whole family. And a great excuse to get everyone together. Plus, the Passover story of freedom from slavery has themes that still resonate today for adults and kids alike.

Here are Kveller's tips for how to introduce your kids to Passover.


It's hard to pick just one book for Passover, so we'll give you two. For slightly older kids (3-6), a favorite is Only Nine Chairs, by Deborah Uchill Miller. This upbeat rhyming tale describes what happens when a family hosts a huge seder, but with only nine chairs. And for younger kids, Passover! by Roni Schotter gives a wonderful introduction to the holiday.


If you haven't yet discovered The Macaroons, now's the time. Check out the new video for their song "Seder Plate" which we think is kind of incredible. According to The Macaroons, the seder plate is even better than a Darth Vader plate. Now, full disclosure, we might have collaborated with JDub on the creation of this new video. But even if we hadn't, we still would have thought it was great. You can also warm up your vocal chords with this list of our other favorite Passover tunes.


At the Passover seder, the kids love to find the hidden afikomen. Do you want to make their search even more fun?! Create this homemade afikomen bag with them ahead of time. A fun craft that will get them excited for the seder weeks in advance. Your kids can also have fun coloring in this cartoon seder plate (which also makes a great cheat sheet for you.)


It's hard to pick just one dish that epitomizes Passover, so we didn't. We've got a whole meal's worth of recipes here for you--from the brisket to the potato kugel to the asparagus side dish to the Passover cake. And the Passover cake can even be made gluten-free--now that's a miracle!


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