Shavuot is a holiday that celebrates receiving the Torah, and eating dairy products. (Okay, so maybe we don’t celebrate eating dairy products, but we actually do eat them.) If you’re looking to bring some Shavuot into your life this year, try these activities on for size.



Since Shavuot is all about Torah, the song of choice is a classic, called "Torah Torah." It’s easy to sing as a round, so before you know it, the whole family will be chanting “Torah Torah Torah…” Check out this version by Cindy Paley



On Shavuot we celebrate receiving the Ten Commandments. The book Who Knows Ten by Molly Cone is filled with 10 stories, each one crafted around one of the commandments. They're sweet stories that teach Jewish values without making you feel like you’re being hammered over the head with the commandments. This book is excellent for reading before bed with your 3 or 4 year old.



At Shavuot, we celebrate the receiving of the Ten Commandments atop Mount Sinai. These Mt. Sinai Muffins are a fun and yummy tribute to that moment, and a perfect Shavuot treat to make with your child. And you know baking with kids is a great (if messy) activity. 




Celebrating Shavuot is all about eating dairy, and blintzes are a common way to go. If you’ve only ever eaten frozen blintzes, you’ve never really eaten blintzes. Try this recipe for the real deal and you’ll fall in love.