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Full Name Amy Deutsch
Amy Deutsch
Amy is a Jewish educator and a mom. After graduating from Brandeis University she received a master’s degree at the Jewish Theological Seminary where she was a Wexner Fellow. Over the past 10 years Amy has developed experience in teaching, family education, camp, curriculum writing, and most recently, has begun teaching “Baby & Me” classes.

Posts by amyd:

  • Mar 26 2012
    Interviews with Interesting Jews: Wendy Berezovsky

    Mother of three, Wendy Berezovsky, founded a nonprofit organization called Sweet Dreams for Kids, which collects pajamas to donate to children in hospitals.


  • Mar 9 2012
    Friday Night: She Got In!

    On Tuesday, I sent my husband a text message that said something like: “SHE’S IN! Two mornings a week! Phew!!!” To which he replied: “?” Wasn’t it obvious? I was talking about preschool. Here in Park Slope, mecca of babyhood, … Continue reading


  • Mar 7 2012
    What Does Purim Mean For the Ladies?

    As I got older, I started to really think about the holiday, and wonder whether Esther really was the kind of hero that woman should look up to.


  • Mar 6 2012
    Purim Recipes: It’s Not Just Hamantaschen

    When you think about Purim and food, the only thing that really comes to mind is hamantaschen. Now don’t get me wrong–I love hamantaschen. They are totally delicious, fun to make with kids, and you can fill them with almost … Continue reading


  • Mar 5 2012
    Interviews with Interesting Jews: Lisa Borden

    I couldn’t understand how in order to honor Shabbat, we were supposed to damage our world and our health by lighting toxic candles.


  • Mar 5 2012
    Awesome Purim Crafts

    Purim is one of those Jewish holidays that lends itself so easily to crafting. From making mishloach manot (goody bags) to groggers (noisemakers) to costumes, there’s just so much to do. We’ve collected some of our favorite crafts for you … Continue reading


  • Feb 21 2012
    More Cookies

    In case you’d forgotten, we’re still in the midst of our cookie contest.


  • Feb 17 2012
    Friday Night Dinner: Moroccan Inspiration

    Kveller was recently introduced to personal chef Rebecca Bazini, who’s a French ex-pat cooking her way through New York City. She volunteered to share a couple of recipes with us that she promises aren’t too hard, and are a delicious … Continue reading


  • Feb 15 2012
    Cookie Contest!

    Last week, the Kveller office was graced with a pretty incredible package of cookies. They were so good that we ate them all. In a week. Yes, yes, we did.


  • Feb 10 2012
    Friday Night: All About Six Words

    I recently was told about this really cool project, the six-word memoir. Now, many of you have probably already heard of it–sometimes I can be behind the times–but if not, it’s pretty self-explanatory. How to write a six-word memoir? Sum … Continue reading


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