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About: Candice
Full Name Candice Berneman Kahn
Candice Berneman Kahn
Candice lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband, 3 kids and dog. You can read all about great budget-friendly fashion, beauty, accessories and home decor items on her blog Fashionably Organized. As someone who loves to talk, sometimes too much, you can find her on Twitter @FashOrganized, or on other sites she contributes her writing to. Candice’s big dream is to someday succeed in embodying the humor of Carol Burnett and the poise of Grace Kelly all at the same time (while wearing a fabulous wardrobe).

Posts by Candice:

  • Dec 12 2011
    Hanukkah Gift Guide: Jewish Jewelry

    As a true Fashionista I have a real appreciation of  jewelry. Of course it’s a weakness of mine, but add a little Jewish flair and you have me sold. Jewelry with special meaning that connects me to my heritage is … Continue reading


  • Oct 5 2011
    Sending My Kids to Jewish Preschool

    Four short years ago my entry into the back-to-school game began. I was sending my oldest to preschool, and I was excited for him, while enjoying this great milestone for both of us. Two and a half weeks ago my … Continue reading


  • Aug 30 2011
    Bad (Jewish) Hair Day

    I have not met a woman that doesn’t have a bad hair day. There are different hair types that have degrees of bad hair day, and those who are born with the traditional Jewish curly hair are some of those … Continue reading


  • Aug 1 2011
    Bubbe Chic: It’s All in the Pocketbook

    Growing up, my Bubbe referred to her purse as a pocketbook. We always made fun of her, and said that it was a purse. Nonetheless, she never stopped calling it a pocket book. Now when I think of a pocketbook … Continue reading



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