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Dawn Siff
Dawn Siff hosts reassuring week-by-week videos on pregnancy for Zazoom’s Parenticity (Twitter: @Parenticity.) She blogs wry observations on parenthood at momlandia.tumblr and @Momlandia.

Posts by DawnSiff:

  • Aug 1 2012
    Mayor Bloomberg Wants You to Breastfeed

    If you’re really thinking about it and not just squawking to be quoted, you’re going to have mixed feelings about New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s new push to get more women to breastfeed. Starting in September, 27 of the city’s … Continue reading


  • Jul 24 2012
    Is Making Friends Easier When You’re a Mom?

    “I wish there were a Hallmark card to say, ‘I’m sorry I flashed you.’ ” That’s all my email said. I knew they would get it. I had just come from another Friday afternoon gathering of my neighborhood “mom friends.” … Continue reading


  • Nov 15 2011
    Too Busy For Book Club: Jewish Women on the Back of the Bus

    There have been several articles over the past few weeks about bus lines that serve orthodox areas in New York coming under fire for allowing the community to force women to the back of the bus, so the men and women can sit separately.


  • Nov 8 2011
    2Busy4BC: Husbands of Sucessful Women

    Remember the old saying “behind every successful man is a woman.” Do you imagine it being said by some back-slappy asshole in condescending fashion? I do. But what about when the roles are reversed and the man is the one in the background?


  • Nov 1 2011
    Too Busy For Book Club: Unplugging Our Children

    There’s been a lot in the news recently about screen-time and children. First the American Academy of Pediatrics urged parents to turn off the TV, especially for children under 2. And then, a New York Times article noted that “screen time” for children is higher than ever before.



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