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  • Mar 12 2012
    Dude Week: Why Should Dads Cut the Cord?

    I have no idea when the practice of paternal cord cutting was introduced, but it seems pretty obvious that it’s an attempt to give the father a role in the birthing process.


  • Dec 13 2011
    Hanukkah Guilt! Er…I Mean Gelt

    Dear Friends, Hanukkah is almost upon us, and with Hanukkah comes thoughts of gifts and gelt. As you may know, Kveller is a project of MyJewishLearning, Inc., a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing interesting, engaging, and educational Jewish resources and … Continue reading


  • Oct 5 2010
    Who Shall Live?

    My first child was born in July, so this past Yom Kippur was my first Yom Kippur as a father. That need not be remarkable, of course, but for me it was. The High Holiday liturgy constantly references our mortality, … Continue reading



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