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About: Galit
Full Name Galit Breen
Galit Breen
Galit Breen is a Minnesota author. On any given day she can be found juggling three kids, one husband, one puggle, and her laptop. Galit blogs at These Little Waves and tweets at @GalitBreen.

Posts by Galit:

  • Dec 12 2012
    Have Yourself a Vodka Latke Party

    My favorite holiday memories revolve around my mother’s Hanukkah parties. Three generations of Americans, Israelis, and Russians gathered in our small home by moonlight, their stories and voices and accents braiding together. Old Hanukkah tapes would play, the almost-twangy music … Continue reading


  • Nov 2 2012
    Friday Night: Shabbat is a Feeling, Not a Routine

    Driving past towns and daylight and whining, we make our way to my husband’s home town. I note the sun setting in slices against open fields. Miles of blues and oranges blending together above corn and cows and red tinted … Continue reading


  • Jan 17 2012
    My Daughters Hate Matzah Ball Soup

    The air is crisp, this kitchen is warm, and our space within both… is tight. My girls and I maneuver around each other. Arms and legs, fingers and elbows, tops and bottoms. Our dance is not yet perfected. Soup boils and … Continue reading



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