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About: Jesse
Full Name Jesse Bacon
Jesse Bacon
Jesse Bacon grew up a nerdy, wimpy Jewish kid in rural Wisconsin. He stayed at home with his daughter for most of her first two years of life and is just now transitioning to a part time activist work for Jewish Voice for Peace while she starts preschool. He would also like to incorporate racial and economic justice into his support of feminism. He is a practicing Jew who goes to synagogue most weeks and tries to keep his laptop closed on the Sabbath.

Posts by Jesse:

  • May 14 2014
    Rabbi Julie Greenberg, Single Mom of Five, Explores Race, Class, and Unconventional Families in New Book

      Rabbi Julie Greenberg is a mother of five, the founder of Mountain Meadow, a camp for children with LGBTQ parents, and was one of the first rabbis in the world to do same-sex weddings, to welcome interfaith couples and families, and … Continue reading


  • Apr 20 2012
    Free-Range Dad

    I pride myself on being a hands off/free-range kind of dad, especially when it comes to the playground. I attempt to emulate my neighborhood moms in most ways, but I cannot fathom heading out into the jungle gym myself, unless explicitly invited by my daughter.


  • Mar 15 2012
    A Single Dad Explains Divorce to His Daughter

    I am a (soon-to-be) divorced dad. What this means on a practical level is that I parent day to day without the input of anyone else, for the most part.


  • Jan 27 2012
    Ronia’s New Bike

    Ronia has not been digging her bike trailer.


  • Jan 13 2012
    Teacher’s Skirt is on Fire

    Even by the standards of Waldorf School emails, it was serious.


  • Nov 10 2011
    Occupy Childhood

    A month or so ago, I attended a historic panel on the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement at Kolot Chayeinu synagogue in Park Slope, Brooklyn.


  • Aug 2 2011
    Fact or Fiction: A Father Responds

    One of the things Ronia’s mother and I argued about was my lack of reading relevant literature, first pregnancy then childrearing books. It is somewhat impossible to argue for not reading them without making excuses for yourself, and I had … Continue reading


  • Jun 30 2011
    Ronia and I are on a Bus from Philly to New York City

    We did this when she was a baby, but I was together with her mother, and she nursed the whole time. Now in yet another badge of growing up, she requires a full-price seat of her own (fortunately it’s only … Continue reading


  • Jun 23 2011
    From the Dad: Ronia Finally Comes to NYC

    We published a post yesterday by Tamar Fox about test driving parenthood by spending the weekend with her boyfriend’s 3-year-old daughter. Here’s the boyfriend’s take on the same experience. I travel to New York every week for love. Basically, I … Continue reading


  • Jun 15 2011
    Happy (Separated) Father’s Day

    I don’t know when Fathers’ Day is this year, or even where the apostrophe goes in its name. My daughter is still too young for obligatory gratitude, though she can still melt my heart by saying “I want to be … Continue reading


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