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About: Jesse
Full Name Jesse Bacon
Jesse Bacon
Jesse Bacon grew up a nerdy, wimpy Jewish kid in rural Wisconsin. He stayed at home with his daughter for most of her first two years of life and is just now transitioning to a part time activist work for Jewish Voice for Peace while she starts preschool. He would also like to incorporate racial and economic justice into his support of feminism. He is a practicing Jew who goes to synagogue most weeks and tries to keep his laptop closed on the Sabbath.

Posts by Jesse:

  • Jun 7 2011
    Talking About Suicide on the Go

    Ronia and I took our second long bike ride today, and it was a little less joyous than the first. I was grieving the suicide of a friend, actually my estranged friend’s sister. I had come back from the funeral … Continue reading


  • May 26 2011
    Life Without a Stroller

    My daughter Ronia and I are proudly car-free in Philadelphia, which takes some doing. One of Ronia’s first phrases was “Here comes the TRAAAAIIIIIINNNN” and she sometimes asks to ride it even when we have borrowed a car for the … Continue reading


  • May 19 2011
    Bicycle Built For Two

    During the year I was preparing to become a father, I was bike commuting 10 miles each way down Chicago’s lakefront. I would see the various permutations of cycling parents going past. I was particularly envious of the people with … Continue reading


  • Apr 28 2011
    Peeing on the Floor and Scary Movies–Bad Dad?

    Ronia’s first parent conference was ideal from a parenting point of view: her teachers told us she should keep doing what she is doing! She was, of course, perfect. But perfection is hard to sustain, and Ronia did not merely … Continue reading


  • Mar 7 2011
    Coffee Dates…With My Daughter

    Ronia’s third living room is a coffee shop. The owners have a 4-year-old in Ronia’s playgroup, which contributes to a comfy, kid-friendly feel. However, she is often the only kid there during the week, and thus does not have to … Continue reading


  • Feb 24 2011
    Take-A-Dad-To-School Day

    Every day I walk Ronia to school, I pass her neighborhood public school. The crossing guard and I know each other’s names, and I have become adept at weaving through the laughing crowds of students walking in. I get a … Continue reading


  • Feb 14 2011
    Baby’s First Racist Comment

    The Princess invasion continues. My daughter, Ronia, is obsessed with princesses. She recently brought home a book from the library called theĀ  Disney Princess Essential Guide. It is written like an ethnographic tome, explaining the particular traits of each princess: … Continue reading


  • Feb 1 2011
    Parents Come To Town

    When it snows in Philadelphia, as it seems to be doing weekly, in our Brave New Climate, my dad’s first question is “Have you shoveled yet?” And my first answer, almost always is “No.” Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m … Continue reading


  • Jan 31 2011
    Free To Not Watch Free To Be You And Me

    Ronia can now walk, pushing her stoller, all the way from the coffee shop to home–a distance of more than a mile. Happily, this affords her plenty of time to ask me the most burning question she faces, over and … Continue reading


  • Jan 24 2011
    My Very Own Ladette

    I was on with Ronia for New Year’s Eve, which fell on Shabbat this year. We had a lovely dinner with friends and Ronia’s mother, but after Ronia was in bed I felt my loneliness of separation in a way … Continue reading


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