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About: Jesse
Full Name Jesse Bacon
Jesse Bacon
Jesse Bacon grew up a nerdy, wimpy Jewish kid in rural Wisconsin. He stayed at home with his daughter for most of her first two years of life and is just now transitioning to a part time activist work for Jewish Voice for Peace while she starts preschool. He would also like to incorporate racial and economic justice into his support of feminism. He is a practicing Jew who goes to synagogue most weeks and tries to keep his laptop closed on the Sabbath.

Posts by Jesse:

  • Jan 12 2011
    The Weekly Phone Call: When Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together

    When our co-parenting counselor–who used to be our couples counselor–broke up with my separated wife and me, she left us an agenda for weekly meetings and wished us good luck. Unlike marriage, co-parenting can be taken care of in four … Continue reading


  • Jan 4 2011
    Keep On Moving

    My daughter had a bit of a rough week, coming back from a very idyllic-sounding Toronto vacation with her mother and adjusting to long days with me. She developed an obsession with Free to Be You and Me, which thanks … Continue reading


  • Dec 28 2010
    Cosleeping Like a Rock Star

    My child is a rock star. At least, she likes to ask people if they are, identifies as one, and vigorously leaps up and down to music. Unfortunately, for much of her life, she slept like one. Like many hippie … Continue reading


  • Dec 14 2010
    A Blizzard, Hanukkah, The Separation

    Ronia was born on the first morning of Hanukkah. She arrived in a Chicago blizzard, a full-fledged miracle who has taught me everything I need to know about the giving of light to others. We couldn’t light candles for the … Continue reading


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