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Jessica Levine Kupferberg
Jessica Levine Kupferberg happily abandoned her career as a litigator to stay home and raise 5 kids. A perpetual hostess and serial volunteer with a focus on Jewish education, she writes from La Jolla, California.

Posts by Jessical:

  • Aug 5 2014
    We Survived Our First Air Raid Siren

    Exactly two weeks ago, we were at Ben Gurion Airport, freshly minted Israelis, exhausted and exhilarated after a sleepless night on our aliyah charter flight. We came in the middle of a war and, along with all the excitement of … Continue reading


  • Jul 28 2014
    Making Aliyah in the Midst of a War

    I moved to Israel last week with four kids, ages 5 to 12, right before they stopped most flights to Israel. Over the last month, while Israel had fallen on tumultuous times, I had been running my own Operation Protective … Continue reading


  • Apr 14 2014
    Exodus From Our Dream Home to Our Homeland

    My dream house just went on the market. It has chocolaty hardwood floors, quaint beaded board in the dining room, an oversized family room and even a custom kosher kitchen that looks like it just popped out of Pinterest. It’s … Continue reading


  • Apr 17 2013
    So, This is 40

    So, this is 40. This morning, I woke up too early, in a dark and peaceful house. Once the haze of sleep began to lift, it dawned on me: Today is my 40th birthday. More precisely, it’s my Hebrew birthday. My secular birthday … Continue reading


  • Apr 27 2012
    Friday Night: The Key to a Good Challah

    I found myself up at the crack of dawn, elbow-deep in challah dough and determined to make a challah–in the shape of a giant key!


  • Nov 23 2011
    Thanksgiving, Sort of Like Shabbat

    Thanksgiving: The holiday where the rest of Americans learn what it’s like to make Shabbat every week.



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