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About: Julia Malakoff
Full Name Julia Malakoff
Julia Malakoff
Julia Malakoff considers herself a constant creative always in the pursuit of capturing life’s moments in one art form or another. Influenced by parents who had a darkroom, Julia's appreciation of photography could come from the fumes of the processing chemicals that were fused into her DNA from an early age. After working as an artist representative for many years, marketing commercial photographers, this mom of four is thrilled to be fulfilling her own creative adventures. Follow her at

Posts by Julia Malakoff:

  • Jun 26 2014
    My Magnetless Fridge Makes Me Sad

    I have a new refrigerator. It is shiny and wide with French doors and sports a special kid-friendly snack drawer for easy to grab cheese sticks and Gogurts. It has a special setting for fruits and veggies and organized doors with shelves … Continue reading


  • Jan 31 2013
    I’m So Tired of “What Are We Having for Dinner?”

    As my children trickle home from school and their tummies begin to rumble, I can hear the question before it even begins to leave their mouths. With authority that they think is their birthright, they ask me, “What are we … Continue reading


  • Dec 13 2012
    The Better Way to Read to Your Kids

    Sometimes, while all four children are seated at the table, shoveling cheerios down their o-shaped mouths, I have tried to limit breakfast battles by reading a book. It does not seem to matter what kind of book I read in … Continue reading



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