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About: JulieSue Goldwasser
Full Name JulieSue Goldwasser
JulieSue Goldwasser
JulieSue is a non-profit planner and programmer, small business owner, stay at home mom. She blogs at

Posts by JulieSue Goldwasser:

  • May 10 2011
    The Jewish Genes

    I am needle-phobic. To avoid pricks (at least the kind that get under my skin…that didn’t work…you know, the ones that draw blood), I just don’t go to the doctor. But, when you’re pregnant, you really have no choice (unless … Continue reading


  • Apr 7 2011
    Babysitter: A Cautionary Tale

    I’m petrified to leave my baby with anybody.  Neurotic?  Yes.  Okay with it?  Oh yeah.  And now, I have good reason to be. My husband booked a babysitter for Saturday afternoon so that I could spend some much needed birthday … Continue reading



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