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  • Jul 16 2013
    Do You Pu Pu Pu?

    My husband and I are pretty rational people. He’s a scientist, for Pete’s sake. But more and more often we find ourselves falling prey to superstitious behavior. We pu pu pu like it’s going out of style. So, what do … Continue reading


  • Jul 9 2013
    Learning to Dress Like a Grown Up

    At a recent professional conference we broke the ice with a rousing game of “two truths and a lie.” My shocking truth that fooled them all? I can get ready for work in less than four minutes. I should have … Continue reading


  • Apr 23 2013
    I Have No Idea What Happens Next

    I have “control issues.” Anyone who has spent an hour with me knows this, and loves and respects me because or despite it. It’s what makes me good at my job as a festival director. It keeps our domestic life … Continue reading


  • Jan 15 2013
    Love and the Older Dad

    My father was 46-years-old when I was born. He already had two children in their early 20s, and had recently been through a bruising divorce. He raised my half-siblings through his own 20s and 30s, a time when he was … Continue reading


  • Dec 27 2012
    How To Throw the Best (Cheap) Star Wars Birthday Party Ever

    We’ve made some pretty lovely budget-friendly birthday parties in our day. For my older son’s 3rd birthday party we celebrated him reaching the “age of education” by decorating kippot and tzedakah boxes and doing Aleph Bet Yoga. For the baby’s … Continue reading


  • Nov 9 2012
    We Don’t Live Anywhere Near Our Family

    The night I realized that we had nobody to parent our children for a stretch of October, I cried. My husband had a major conference in Reno, and I had a 10-day festival to run. That left us with no … Continue reading


  • Oct 31 2012
    The Only Thing I Miss is Halloween

    When I became observant I gave up half of my favorite foods and TV and shopping on Saturday. I don’t miss those things one bit. What I really miss about my old life is Halloween.


  • Oct 4 2012
    Loving My Pickle Man

    For the last few weeks my husband has been working hard on fine-tuning his pickle recipe. Finally, last week, he got it just right—not too salty, not too bland. A real half-sour. Now he’s working on replicating his success. All … Continue reading


  • Aug 3 2012
    Will Sports Really Raise My Son’s Self-Esteem?

    My sister has five children. All of them are heavily involved in team sports, and thriving–great physical shape, good grades, active social lives, and high self-esteem. She’s utterly convinced that team sports are crucial to self-esteem building, and that I’d … Continue reading


  • Jun 26 2012
    My Pregnancy Panic Attacks

    I sat alone in a small office suite in a suburb of Washington, pregnant, but generally in good health. Suddenly, something shifted. I felt my blood move. I became conscious of my breathing, which felt increasingly labored, and my heartbeat, … Continue reading


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