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  • May 15 2012
    No Matter How Much We Have, We Always Want More

    Now I’d been feeling a little down lately, thinking about the things that we can’t afford yet, and eating my heart out about updates on Facebook.


  • Apr 17 2012
    Bringing Home the Kosher Bacon

    I never set out to be the breadwinner in my home. And yet, for six years running, I’ve been bringing home the bacon. I’ve discovered that although I sometimes feel like the only breadwinner-ette on the block, I’m apparently part of a rising trend.


  • Mar 29 2012
    Love Me, Love My Genes

    Nobody thinks about genetics when they’re falling in love. We sure didn’t.


  • Feb 9 2012
    Feeling Thin and Looking Thin–Not the Same

    “I think that you should keep doing Weight Watchers,” said my 5-year-old boy.


  • Dec 28 2011
    All My Hanukkah Presents Suck

    “When you open your present,” I told my 5-year-old son on the first night of Hanukkah, “I don’t want to hear any complaints. Even if you don’t like it, don’t complain. Just say thank you.” An attitude of gratitude, as … Continue reading


  • Nov 18 2011
    Urban Chic or Just Plain Cramped?

    “My sister has five children,” I told an Israeli  friend who lives in my apartment building. “House or apartment?,” he asked. “House,” I replied. “Oh, that’s not the same then. It’s a totally different game. She can send them outside … Continue reading


  • Nov 2 2011
    The Nanny Share Nightmare

    We spent our summer desperately searching for a spot in a nanny-share for our little boy.


  • Sep 26 2011
    My Rosh Hashanah Standstill

    Nothing marks the passage of time like the fall holidays. I can’t believe that my first child is almost 5-years-old and that the baby that was in my tummy this time last year is now walking around my living room. … Continue reading


  • Aug 24 2011
    Packing Lunch: In Search of Authentic Culinary Heritage

    Yesterday we asked about packing lunch for your kids. Here’s one mother’s struggle. An Indian family I know gives there 11-month-old baby Indian food—lentils, palak paneer—every day for lunch. It’s what we had every day for lunch, they say, and … Continue reading


  • Jul 28 2011
    Me vs. My Boobs

    For the last month, I’ve been waging a battle against my breasts. My first son and I had an effortless breastfeeding relationship. Though the first few weeks were tough, we quickly found our footing. Working from home, I nursed him … Continue reading


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