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  • May 25 2011
    Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child?

    The Torah commands us to “fear your mother and your father.”  When I came across this verse, I had to laugh. I don’t think it’s even entered my son’s head to fear us. And yet, it’s the foundation of all … Continue reading


  • Mar 18 2011
    What I’ve Learned From My Jewish Mother

    In honor of my mom’s 70th birthday today, I’ve composed a little love note about the lessons I’ve learned from her so far. Happy Birthday, Mom! Fight Like a Bulldog for Your Family. I am not exaggerating when I say … Continue reading


  • Mar 17 2011
    Imagining Warfare

    Purim is just a few days away, but it’s still Hanukkah in my household. Just this past Monday morning, my child insisted on going to pre-K dressed as a “Spiderman Maccabee” after his 800th time watching the now-famous Maccabeats video. … Continue reading


  • Mar 1 2011
    Little Apartment, Big City

    We’ve been sleep-training our baby, which means moving the big boy temporarily into our room so he and the baby don’t disturb each other with their midnight mayhem.  I’m antsy to reclaim my space, and after one recent failed attempt … Continue reading


  • Feb 22 2011
    Will Our Son Get Into THE Preschool?

    Somewhere along the way I think I began believing that a Jewish education for my child was my entitlement. I believed that listening to the rabbis and committing without reservation to sending my child to day school was enough. The … Continue reading


  • Jan 19 2011
    Bye Bye Baby…And Feminism?

    On Tuesday I go back to work, full-time. The day-to-day care of my 4-month-old will go to his father, who is a graduate student, and to a part-time nanny. I trust them both implicitly, and I know that my baby … Continue reading


  • Jan 3 2011
    Nanny Dearest

    When I was 7 I had a nanny whom I loved dearly. She fit in beautifully with my eccentric family, cooked us delicious food, sat with me at bedtime each night and told me wonderful stories, and, most importantly, made … Continue reading


  • Dec 21 2010
    Why I Plan to Live Forever

    120 years. That’s roughly how long I plan to live. Which is why my husband and I have pretty much completely neglected the question of who should take care of our children if something were to–God forbid–happen to us. After … Continue reading


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