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Logan Ritchie
Logan is the mom of three boys: a 7-year-old who loves math and 2-year-old twins who love to climb furniture. She lives with her husband in Atlanta, GA and craves silence and a clean kitchen. She earned a BA in writing from Emerson College in Boston.

Posts by logan:

  • Aug 12 2013
    My 7-Year-Old Won’t Ride His Bike

    My kid won’t ride a bike. A 7-year-old boy, he’s had a summer full of baseball and sports camp and swimming and neighborhood adventures. He’s been to the park (two blocks), to a sleepover party (five blocks), and out for … Continue reading


  • Jul 17 2012
    I’m an Amazing Mom, Sometimes

    I was attending a small community gathering last week when a mom, who was holding a baby on her lap and watching a 3-year-old shake her sillies out, asked me if those two small people at my feet were my … Continue reading


  • Jun 11 2012
    Shielding My Kid from Christianity

    When E was younger I was determined to treat Christianity as a secret I could keep from him. This would be no small feat in our neck of the woods. Churches abound. Billboards and bumper stickers Praise Jesus! Grocery clerks … Continue reading


  • May 17 2012
    The Day to Day Woes of Food Allergies

    I never thought my diaper bag would save a life.


  • May 1 2012
    Bris Tips (ha!) from a Mom Who’s Been There

    My husband and I decided to circumcise our first child six years ago, and now this house is overrun with boys: I have a 6-year-old and 1-year-old twins. That’s a lot of brit milah.


  • Apr 27 2012
    Finding My Jewish Community, or Making it Myself

    What happened to the Reform synagogues of yesteryear? I want my rabbi bearded, wearing a tie-dye tallit and playing guitar on the bimah. How do I find my community?



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