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About: Matthue Roth
Full Name Matthue Roth
Matthue Roth
Matthue Roth is an associate editor at He has written three novels and a memoir, and is the co-creator of the animated Torah series G-dcast. He keeps a secret diary at

Posts by Matthue Roth:

  • Aug 20 2013
    Rosh Hashanah Resolution: The Workaholic Cuts Back

    To gear up for the High Holidays this year, we’re asking our writers and readers for their Rosh Hashanah Resolution. Here’s one from Kveller writer Matthue Roth. I need to do less of my own creative work. I am spoiled. My … Continue reading


  • May 31 2012
    My Stage Dad Moment

    To this story that was just posted on the McSweeney’s website  about baby photographer Anne Geddes who is fond of taking syrupy sweet pictures of little ones inside giant eggs and perched on large tulips, I just have to say … Continue reading


  • Mar 20 2012
    Positive Girl Role Models (Who Can Fly)

    I seriously suspect the reason I had kids was so that I didn’t have to feel like I was the only one in the room reading comic books and hoping we get to have pizza for dinner every night. I’ve … Continue reading


  • Mar 15 2012
    A Day In The Life of a Dad

    5:05 a.m.: The baby screams.


  • Mar 14 2012
    Interviews with Interesting Dudes: Ross Martin of MTV Scratch

    Ross Martin tells us about being a professional trendsetter but a nerdy dad, how he introduced the world to Matisyahu, and how his staff forces him to be Sabbath-observant.


  • Mar 12 2012
    Dude Week: See You in Kvell

    Welcome to Dude Week. The week when we shove our usual gang of mommies out of the way, climb into the driver’s side of the blog, and attempt to get the hang of this Kveller thing on our own.


  • Feb 23 2012
    Is Rihanna Guilty, Too?

    Sometimes I love this world, and sometimes I love its anger.


  • Dec 27 2011
    The C-Word

    Now that my kids go to an actual school, I feel a whole family-pack of mixed feelings, starting and ending with the simple fact that I’m no longer the one who’s in control of the flow of most of the … Continue reading


  • Nov 2 2011
    Mayim and the Real Big Bang

    According to a source in the field, the TV show Big Bang Theory is the coolest show in the universe of 12-year-old kids. My kids aren’t quite there yet — oh, and we don’t own a TV — but if … Continue reading


  • Oct 31 2011
    Halloween, Brooklyn Style

    Our own Matthue Roth offers his take on Halloween. (Click to enlarge the comic.)


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