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Full Name Matthue Roth
Matthue Roth
Matthue Roth is an associate editor at He has written three novels and a memoir, and is the co-creator of the animated Torah series G-dcast. He keeps a secret diary at

Posts by Matthue Roth:

  • Sep 22 2011
    Schoolhouse Rock

    Now we officially have a kid in school. She has a backpack and a notebook and a pencil case. She has a dress code. (She also has “her Didi,” the doll that she’s been surgically attached to since she was … Continue reading


  • Aug 4 2011
    Wow! We Have Single Friends

    Our house has been a busy place over the past few days. The ostensible reason that we moved from a cramped 2-bedroom in Crown Heights to the leisurely meadows of farther-out Flatbush was so that we had a yard for … Continue reading


  • Jun 17 2011
    Affirmative Action for Dads

    Editor: Can you help promote Neal Pollack’s father’s day post? Editor: on the Facebook and Twitter Matthue: oh no when is fathers’ day? Editor: this sunday, daddy-o Okay, I was SO ON TOP of Mothers’ Day. We’re talking breakfast in bed, … Continue reading


  • May 13 2011
    Placentas Are the New Gourmet

    In San Francisco, a “food adventure club” routinely tries new, experimental, and gourmet foods. That isn’t so unusual — I mean, it’s San Francisco — but their twelfth adventure last week encountered a whole new culinary echelon: Placentas. To be … Continue reading


  • Mar 24 2011
    Kid Crying Isn’t Real Crying

    The morning started out good. First, I woke up at 7:30. Miracle! The kids went to bed late, and then my baby mama and I stayed up late, and I was sure I was going to be zombieied today. No … Continue reading


  • Mar 16 2011
    Breastfeeding Sucks

    One thing that parents are best at — and yes, readers, I’m talking about you, and I’m talking about myself as well — is trying to tell other people what to do. Maybe it’s natural. Maybe it comes from being … Continue reading


  • Mar 15 2011
    Infant Formula Update

    Yesterday, we reported on a shortage of infant formula among Hasidic Jews. Last night, Materna, the makers of the formula, posted this on their website: Please note: Materna formula is temporarily not available to ship. Orders will begin to ship  … Continue reading


  • Mar 14 2011
    Infant Formula Shortage among Hasidic Jews

    Hasidic families in the United States are about to reach a crisis of sorts. Many Orthodox Jews, including Hasidim, will only use certain dairy products, including a type of infant formula that’s only available as an import from Israel — … Continue reading


  • Feb 24 2011
    Dad at Work. Mom at Home. Ugh!

    I grew up as a feminist in a really conservative neighborhood. At some point, I started wishing (okay, fantasizing) that my wife would want to have a job and that I’d be at home, taking care of the kids, writing … Continue reading


  • Feb 15 2011
    Are Nannies For People Who Shouldn’t Have Children?

    It’s my older daughter’s birthday, and we had a party last night. First we put the kids to bed. Then we got out the chips, cheeses, crackers, a bottle of tequila and some awesomely spiced popcorn, invited some friends over, … Continue reading


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