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Full Name Matthue Roth
Matthue Roth
Matthue Roth is an associate editor at He has written three novels and a memoir, and is the co-creator of the animated Torah series G-dcast. He keeps a secret diary at

Posts by Matthue Roth:

  • Feb 8 2011
    Trolling for Preschools

    You probably already knew about this–so, you know, feel free to scoff at my misfortune–but if you (a) have kids and (b) they’re old enough to go to school, you sort of have to apply to schools before they’re allowed … Continue reading


  • Jan 17 2011
    Just For Kicks

    I remember when we first felt kicks from the inside. To me it was always special, always amazing. To my wife, it was less so, especially when she was trying to sleep and the zygote was just waking up. (I … Continue reading


  • Jan 5 2011
    Time Flies When You’re Having Kids

    I visited the comedian Myq Kaplan in Park Slope a few weeks ago to shoot this new video for our sibling site, He was cool as anything, and we got into a bit of a nerd war (I won … Continue reading


  • Dec 16 2010
    I Hate Christmas and Other Things You Should Know About Me

    Do you ever pack the kids’ clothes, pack the stack of diapers, pack the toys and the toiletries and the tchochkes and then hop into your packed-full car and think to yourself, with a sense of growing dread…I forgot the … Continue reading


  • Dec 14 2010
    The Nerdy Jewish Eminem

    When his debut album Paullelujah came out in 2002, M.C. Paul Barman was called “the thinking man’s Eminem.” That isn’t 100% fair–for one thing, Eminem sometimes writes remarkably thoughtful verses. Still, the short, nerdy, flamboyantly-Jewish Barman definitely has a knack … Continue reading


  • Dec 9 2010
    Sweet Child O’ Mine, Please Be Quiet

    As someone with an OCD work ethic — a perpetually cleaned-out email inbox, 10-minute “editing” sessions that end up being four hours long — it’s really difficult to deal with this strange notion of a crying baby, to which the … Continue reading


  • Nov 18 2010
    Pixies and Magical Small Butlers

    Here’s where I get all confessional: I kind of hate New York City. Don’t get me wrong–I love living near a zillion cousins-in-law and a gabillion kosher restaurants. But you know how people say that, in L.A., people say “thank you” … Continue reading


  • Nov 10 2010
    The Lego Bible

    Here’s a version of the Bible that even your kids will understand. Brendan Powell Smith, a musician and the son of a Christian Sunday School teacher, spent four years of his life (and, he estimates, over $10,000) putting together an … Continue reading


  • Nov 3 2010
    Hair Replacement Doctor, Kid Crooner

    Ok, let’s just get this out of the way, Dr. Marc Dauer is a hair replacement specialist. He deals with eyebrows, heads of hair, etc. But in his free time he’s also a musician, a pretty damn successful one too … Continue reading


  • Oct 25 2010
    Getting Down to Business

    I got an email from my mother regarding my post last week about being the bad cop in the father-daughter relationship: Loved your article in Kvell.  I think it takes being a parent to be able to somewhat understand what … Continue reading


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