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About: Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Full Name Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein, a former U.S. Department of State speechwriter, is now a freelance writer. She writes primarily about parenting and pop culture for a variety of publications, including Acculturated, where she is a Staff Writer. She shares her writing at and tweets as @slowhoneybee. Melissa lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and delightful daughter.

Posts by Melissa Langsam Braunstein:

  • Nov 2 2012
    Teach Me How to Splurge

    As part of our month-long series dedicated to Women, Work & Money, Melissa Langsam Braunstein tells us about her struggles to splurge. Not too long ago, I had lunch with a college friend. When we hung out in our 20s, we’d talk … Continue reading


  • Oct 10 2012
    Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be “Froshwhores”

    If college was my Renaissance, high school was my Dark Ages. While there were some bright spots, I mostly loathed my four years of high school. It’s not that I was picked on, but I danced to a different drummer … Continue reading


  • Sep 25 2012
    Fifteen Parenting Sins I Committed Last Year

    Ever since elementary school, I’ve hated collective punishment. I remember my teacher explained that she was punishing our whole class to incentivize us to police one another’s behavior in the future. I thought that was nuts. I was mad at … Continue reading


  • Aug 21 2012
    Worst Case Toddler Scenarios

    My first boss in Washington was like an honorary big brother. In between directing our little staff about housing policy matters, he offered life lessons. “When you have a kid,” he assured me, “you’ll be ready to hurl yourself in … Continue reading


  • Aug 15 2012
    What’s Up With the Women on “Pregnant in Heels”?

    When F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote that the very rich “are different from you and me,” I doubt he had pregnant women on the brain. But Bravo’s producers took his sentiment to its logically rotund conclusion with the reality TV show … Continue reading


  • Aug 2 2012
    Figuring Out This Sleep Thing by Trial & Error

    To sleep. Ever since I became a mother last May, that’s all I’ve wanted. Lila started life as a good sleeper. But our beginners’ sleep luck ran out during her third month, in the run-up to our Boston-D.C. move. We … Continue reading


  • Jul 26 2012
    10 Tips for Flying with Kids

    Over the past year, I’ve flown a lot–way more than I would have anticipated with a new baby. Lila and I have flown up and down the East Coast and all the way to Europe. It hasn’t always been easy–especially … Continue reading


  • Jun 5 2012
    My Baby is a Better World Traveler Than Me

    Traveling overseas is intimidating. And I say this as someone whose last several international destinations have included Ghana, India, and South Africa. I hadn’t ventured abroad since early 2010, for a fairly obvious and adorable reason. But my husband recently … Continue reading


  • May 17 2012
    Once I Wean My Daughter, How Will I Relax?

    I’m going to miss nursing. People keep asking me when I plan to wean, and I tell them what I’ve said since Lila was born.


  • May 8 2012
    The Grunt Work of Motherhood

    Motherhood isn’t a day job. I’m on-call around the clock. We do grunt work with pride and never expect a thank-you, because we are motivated by love.


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