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About: Meredith Lewis
Full Name Meredith Lewis
Meredith Lewis
Meredith Lewis is the Director of Operations of MyJewishLearning Inc. She holds an MA in Hebrew and Judaic studies and an MPA in non-profit finance from New York University. She received a BS in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Meredith also has served as youth group advisor for USY and an educational consultant. She lives in Rockland County with her husband, two sons, and their cockapoo. She enjoys watching TV and local travel when she's not making sure Kveller is up and running.

Posts by Meredith Lewis:

  • Jul 26 2013
    No More Screaming at the Breast Pump for Me

    One of the things I’m most proud of as a mother is nursing my older son for a year. And now one of the other things I am most proud of is weaning my younger son at 6 months. Nursing … Continue reading


  • Dec 21 2011
    Engineer Ari and Realistic Kids’ Books

    When my husband and I were choosing names for our son, we had a few rules. Key among them was that the name had to be pronounceable wherever we might live in the future (America only, we’re not that adventurous). … Continue reading


  • Aug 23 2011
    Getting Crafty, With a Purpose

    My 9-month-old son is way too young for real arts and crafts projects. He’s still at the point where everything goes into his mouth, and I don’t fully trust Crayola’s non-toxic claim. But as a former first grade Hebrew school … Continue reading


  • Nov 29 2010
    Ari’s First Tax Break, err Mitzvah

    Since Kveller welcomed our baby, Ari Judah, we’ve been doing typical newborn activities. Eating, sleeping, staring into space, and eating some more. In between, my family helped to open all of the wonderful and gracious presents from family and friends. … Continue reading



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