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About: Monica
Full Name Monica Gebell
Monica Gebell
Monica Gebell lives in Rochester, NY with her husband and three children. She teaches English, dabbles in freelance writing, and loves to read, hike, play, and drink wine when the opportunities present themselves. She blogs at Aprons & Blazers. On Twitter, she's @monicagebell.

Posts by Monica:

  • Sep 2 2014
    Hate Crime in the Classroom

    In the middle of an exhausting, first year of teaching in a public high school in southern Massachusetts, I, like most teachers who come in contact with hundreds of students every day, contracted a virus, and took my first sick … Continue reading


  • Aug 26 2013
    Rosh Hashanah Resolution: Getting to Bed On Time

    To gear up for the High Holidays this year, we’re asking our writers and readers for their Rosh Hashanah Resolution. Here’s one from Kveller writer Monica Gebell.  My resolution began weeks ago: GO TO BED EARLIER. I’m staring down the final days of … Continue reading


  • Jul 29 2013
    How to Help a Recently-Widowed Parent

    About a month ago, one of my husband’s closest friends lost his father. As so many deaths go, this one was one of those that happened too soon and left little time for his family to contemplate and digest what … Continue reading


  • Jun 25 2013
    I Became a Kosher Vegan

    I’ve written here before about the carefree approach I had to food in my 20s: I ate and drank with abandon, just shy of gluttony, with a penchant for trying new cuisine in new places (thus, I went on a … Continue reading


  • Dec 24 2012
    Guns Have No Place in My School

    Last week, the NRA responded to the unspeakable, horrific tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut with the proposal to have an armed guard in every school in America. Several NRA supporters went further: the phrase “arm the teachers!” frequented Facebook and my … Continue reading


  • Jul 31 2012
    Where Will This Baby Sleep?

    One night, my husband, Heath, and I talked about how the pace of life with two kids would be easier than three. We noted how cramped our bed becomes with two extra little people in it on Sunday mornings. Where … Continue reading


  • Apr 9 2012
    Help! I Need Passover Kid-Friendly Snacks

    Now that my kids are old enough to refuse food—the elder, with her words, the younger, by throwing it at me or on the floor—I’m going to need some kid-friendly Passover food.


  • Jan 12 2012
    Bribing My Way Through Potty Training

    Naturally, I was overjoyed. Two kids under 3-years-old had long meant two kids in diapers, and with every purchase of a new box of size 5s, I hoped and wished that this box would be our last.


  • Jul 29 2011
    Notes on Road Tripping With Kids and Without DVDs

    Maybe don’t do it. Bring a DVD or two until your kids are in grade school and have required reading.  As I just said to a friend who suggested I write about this–and actually thinks I’d be applauded for braving … Continue reading


  • May 31 2011
    Two Grandmothers, Two Worlds

    My grandma, Gramma Anna as we called her, was born in Dairyland a child of the Depression, and raised her family on the corner of Main St. in Middletown, NY. My Bubbe, Sala, was born in Lodz, Poland, spent most … Continue reading


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