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  • Sep 4 2014
    RIP, Joan Rivers

    We are so sad to learn that Joan Rivers has died at 81 today, from complications related to throat surgery. RIP, Joan Rivers, and thank you for making us laugh for all these years. You will be missed. Read more about Rivers’ … Continue reading


  • Sep 4 2014
    Good News For “Frozen” Fans: A Sequel!

    Just when you thought the “Frozen” frenzy was dying down, Disney has announced that it will release a “Frozen” sequel short film, bringing Elsa, Olaf, and Anna back to the big screen. In the film, appropriately called “Frozen Fever,” Elsa and Olaf set out to throw Anna the … Continue reading


  • Aug 26 2014
    WATCH: In Your 30s You Finally Get It

    “Sisterhood: A Documentary” is a lovely short film about friendship, self-reflection, and what it means to be in your 30s. When she received tenure from her job as a professor, one Pittsburgh woman decided it was time to celebrate her accomplishments … Continue reading


  • Aug 22 2014
    Brace Yourself for “Adon Olam” to the Tune of Pharrell’s “Happy”

    Move over, Maccabeats. If Pharrell’s “Happy” was the soundtrack to 2014 in your home (as it was in mine), then your kids will love this version of “Adon Olam.” I mean, it’s basically a mash up of the two most catchy … Continue reading


  • Aug 21 2014
    Is Drew Barrymore’s Walmart Beauty Line Bad For Women?

    Our undying love for Drew Barrymore is well-documented. That’s why we were excited to learn that the actress is bringing her breezy-cool (and affordable!) beauty line to a store near you. Specifically, Walmart. Hold up, says Kveller contributor Elissa Strauss, what about the … Continue reading


  • Aug 20 2014
    Five Kids Who Tried the Ice Bucket Challenge & Adorably Failed

    News flash: The ice bucket challenge for ALS has reached the elementary schools. Seriously, ALL the kids are doing it. It’s not all squeals of delight, though. Aside from the obvious schoolyard politics which dictate that your kid’s popularity and self-worth be determined solely by how … Continue reading


  • Aug 19 2014
    Kveller Kids Say the Darnedest Things… About Death

    Kids are so unknowingly profound, if only adults would listen! We’d like to announce a weekly series in which you get to kvell about the clever, cute, and just plain hilarious things that come out of your pint-size professor’s mouth. Each week, we’ll ask on … Continue reading


  • Aug 18 2014
    Mom Invents App to Make Teen Call Her Back

    It’s the oldest trick in the book. Teenagers see “Mom” appear on the caller ID and they forward the call to voicemail–with the cellphone that Mom paid for! Well, one fed-up New York mama came up with a pretty sweet solution. When her son refused to … Continue reading


  • Aug 15 2014
    Ricki Lake’s New Documentary Shows a Whole Lot of Boobs

    Since becoming a mom, Ricki Lake has been cranking out feminist-y documentaries about birth and family planning like it’s nobody’s business. In 2008, she partnered with director Abby Epstein to make a documentary about homebirth and midwivery called “The Business of Being Born,” followed … Continue reading


  • Aug 14 2014
    Larry David Wrote a Funny Play About Shiva–And it’s Coming to Broadway

    Larry David is coming to Broadway! David plans to star in a comedic play he wrote about death and mourning–something only Larry David could pull off. Initially titled “Shiva” but renamed “Fish in the Dark,” Larry says the show was inspired by … Continue reading


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