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About: shyrla
Full Name Shyrla Pakula
Shyrla Pakula
Shyrla Pakula is a doctor, lactation consultant, cookbook writer, Orthodox Jew, former parenting columnist, the mother of seven children, and a grandmother to six. She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Posts by shyrla:

  • Dec 10 2014
    I’m a Grandmother, Not a Babysitter

    I’m not a gooey, super-affectionate type. I’m into competence and capability and problem solving. I have had to teach myself to be less Dr. Spock (as my children used to refer to me) and more Mr. Rogers, so to speak. … Continue reading


  • Oct 13 2014
    Becoming a Grandmother Turned Me into a Total Sap

    Yesterday I picked up my eldest grandchild from her ballet class. She is 7 and she is about to be in her first concert with her class of eight little girls. She wasn’t quite finished when I got there, so … Continue reading


  • Oct 17 2011
    Ask Bubbe: My Child, the Genius

    Dear Bubbe, My 2.5-year-old son is really developmentally ahead of everyone else — talking, walking, teething, clever observations. Does that mean he’ll be a genius for life? Seriously, though, what should I do to keep him challenged and intellectually stimulated? … Continue reading


  • Aug 29 2011
    Ask Bubbe: Itchy Scalps

    Dear Bubbe, Any advice for an extremely itchy, lice-free scalp? Chani Hi Chani, This question is for Dr. Bubbe I see! Hmm, lice-free itchy scalp; does this mean there was a lice problem which has been treated? Some treatments can … Continue reading


  • Jul 29 2011
    Ask Bubbe: A Baby with a Biting Problem

    Dear Bubbie, My wonderful, adorable grandson is 16 months old. He was just in for a 12 day visit from LA. He has started biting his mom and dad when he puts his head on their shoulder or leg–not always … Continue reading


  • Jul 21 2011
    Ask Bubbe: Too Young to Smooch?

    Dear Bubbe, At friend’s for Shabbat lunch, my 6-year-old daughter played with my friend’s 6-year-old son. They pretended to marry & kissed. Now what? Should I make a big deal? It was innocent (enough) but not something I am comfortable with. … Continue reading


  • Jul 11 2011
    Ask Bubbe: Why is My Toddler Sleeping with Me?

    Dear Bubbe, I have a 21-month old daughter. She is usually a great sleeper at night. Though lately she’s been waking up in the middle of the night and wanting to get into bed with us. It started when she … Continue reading


  • Jul 7 2011
    Ask Bubbe: Why is My 5-Year-Old So Obnoxious?

    Dear Bubbe, What should I do about my sassy 5-year-old daughter? I tell her to do something, she responds, “NO!” She’s been getting increasingly defiant lately, despite our efforts to discipline her. Jody, California Hi Jody, I will preface any … Continue reading


  • Jun 30 2011
    Ask Bubbe: My Toddler Won’t Use the Potty

    Dear Bubbe, My toddler son (2 1/2) adamantly refuses to wear underwear. He’s gotten to the point that  he only sits on the potty after he has already eliminated in the diaper. He has properly used the potty in the … Continue reading


  • Jun 23 2011
    Ask Bubbe: Grabby Toddler

    Welcome to our new Ask Bubbe advice column. Remember, if you’ve got any parenting-related questions, we’ve found a woman who’s been through it all, so send any and all questions to Dear Bubbe, My 2-year-old daughter frequently grabs toys out … Continue reading


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