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About: Stephanie
Full Name Stephanie Kanowitz
Stephanie Kanowitz
Stephanie Kanowitz is a mother of two who moonlights as a freelance journalist. A Florida native now living in Virginia, she has worked as a copy editor, web editor, and freelance writer and editor since earning a bachelor's degree in journalism from the University of Florida in 2000. In 2006, Stephanie earned a master's in News Media Studies from American University in Washington, D.C. She writes about arts and culture, business, fitness, real estate, and technology, and she's also done several celebrity Q&As. Stephanie also teaches Spinning classes at local gyms. It's the one time a week when she can tell people what to do without them answering back. To see her work, please visit

Posts by Stephanie:

  • Aug 5 2013
    My Baby Wouldn’t Sit Up

    As I watched other babies several months younger than my son cruise around rooms with ease while my Jared just sat and watched, I tried not to be that mom. You know, the one who compares what her baby can … Continue reading


  • Feb 5 2013
    The Spinning Instructor’s Post-Baby Body

    Last week at my daughter’s gymnastics class, a friend introduced me to another mom as a “Spinning Instructor.” Before she could say anything, I blurted, “I am. I don’t look like it right now, but I am.” Instead of saying, … Continue reading


  • Nov 12 2012
    My 1-Month-Old’s Emergency Surgery

    Three weeks after Jared was born, he started spitting up. At first it was normal baby barf, but it became heavier and more frequent. By his 4-week birthday, Scott and I were living out of the washing machine. We left … Continue reading


  • Oct 11 2012
    I’m Way Too Lax with Baby #2

    I’d heard of Second Kid Syndrome long before Baby Two was on my radar. I thought, “I won’t be that lax with the second kid.” Then I had him. Last week. And instead of a fully-prepared diaper bag, I took … Continue reading


  • Aug 16 2012
    18 Tips for Taking Care of Babies

    My little girl is days away from becoming a big sister. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve forgotten–blocked out?–certain things, like how all those effing pieces of the Dr. Brown’s bottles go together. But there are a few lessons I’ve retained … Continue reading


  • Jul 16 2012
    Choosing a Name: Celebrity vs. Normal People Edition

    I’m no celebrity, so there is no pressure on me to come up with something overly cute or different or otherwise conversation-provoking to name my baby (hello, Maxwell Drew, Penelope Scotland, Aleph, and Apple). But there is pressure. I think … Continue reading


  • Jun 12 2012
    Is On Demand TV Making My Daughter More Demanding?

    “I want to watch Blue’s Clues,” my daughter announced in the middle of an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!” “OK, honey, I’ll record it for you and we can watch it some other time,” I told her. “What? I want … Continue reading


  • Apr 30 2012
    Should Our Kids Not Have Best Friends?

    There’s a movement in the UK to ban kids from having best friends. I think it’s ridiculous.


  • Apr 17 2012
    My Daughter Wants to Eat Just Like Me

    If you are what you eat, then I am slowly becoming a birthday cake this week. But more than that, I’ve realized that I’m a full-fledged, certifiable food hypocrite.


  • Apr 11 2012
    A Case of the Mommy Thumb

    I’m pregnant again, so you know what that means. I am worried about my thumbs.


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