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  • Feb 2 2012
    Can’t We All Just Get Along (And Not Judge Each Other’s Strollers)?

    My answer to, “What do you do?” is, “As much as I can.”


  • Dec 2 2011
    What My Daughter Learned at Jewish Preschool

    Ellie is a happy student at the school in a Conservative temple. The thing is she already knows more about Judaism than I do.


  • Nov 23 2011

    We’re closing up the Kveller shop and heading out to celebrate Thanksgiving. But before we go, we want to leave you with this post that offers an important reminder about the small stuff and why it’s really the big stuff. … Continue reading


  • Nov 18 2011
    When Mom Is Too Sick To Be Mom

    So how do you mother when it feels like 10 zillion knives are stabbing you in the chest and back every time you breathe? How do you get it across to an almost-2-year-old that Mommy needs a time out?


  • Oct 5 2011
    Is it Too Hard to Fast with a Baby?

    Shana tova! Now that we are stuffed silly with apples and honey, it’s time to push through that sugar high and think somber as we prepare for the Yom Kippur fast. I’m not the most observant Jew who has ever … Continue reading


  • Sep 15 2011
    Fashion and Moms: Can They Go Together?

    As I mentioned, I was in Dallas for a bar and bat mitzvah this past weekend. Besides comparing the ceremonies and parties of now to those of then (as in, 20 years ago, when I was 13), I realized something … Continue reading


  • Sep 14 2011
    Back on the Bar Mitzvah Circuit

    The last time I attended a bar or bat mitzvah celebration, the deejay blasted “Ice, Ice Baby” in between “The Electric Slide” and “Hava Nagila,” and my friends and I raced around the party collecting materials to make a memory … Continue reading


  • Sep 6 2011
    Vacation is Over, Getting Your Kids To Eat Well Again

    I got back Saturday from five days on the beach in Cape May, N.J. (It should have been a week’s vacation; I’m looking at you, Hurricane Irene.) And instead of feeling rejuvenated, I’m nursing a stomach sick from eating ice … Continue reading


  • Aug 29 2011
    The Missed Nap

    The importance of napping to toddlers is well-documented. It gives their growing bodies a rest and chance to recharge. And that’s pretty much why naps are important to parents, too. Not naps for parents. Naps for their toddlers. When the … Continue reading


  • Aug 19 2011
    Do “Stay-At-Home” Moms Work More?

    I took a night off from doing the dishes once before, a few months ago. When I told my mom about my joy over not putting sponge to ceramic, she said, “But didn’t Scott work all day?” She was referring … Continue reading


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