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About: Tamara Reese
Full Name Tamara Reese
Tamara Reese
Tamara Reese, MPH, CHES is a stay-at-home Mama and part-time consultant in the field of Maternal and Child Health. She is a contributing editor to Kveller and her work has been published in academic journals, La Leche League USA New Beginnings, Motherlove Carnival of Breastfeeding and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Tamara lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and two boys and her passions include child injury prevention, gentle parenting, and breastfeeding advocacy.

Posts by Tamara Reese:

  • May 9 2013
    Mamaleh’s Day Gifts: What Tamara Wants

    Need some Mother’s Day gift inspiration? We’re asking our contributing editors the three things they want (and the one thing they can’t actually buy). Here’s what Tamara Reese is hoping for this year. 1. Smitten Kitchen Cookbook I am so tired … Continue reading


  • Apr 12 2013
    You Can’t Shame a Woman into Breastfeeding

    “I want to be a part of the sisterhood of women who use their breasts to give life. I want to redeem myself. I want to try again. I want to know that I am not broken.” Kim Simon’s story … Continue reading


  • Mar 29 2013
    Peed on Passover

    After a really fun family seder, I was beaming with pride as I cleaned up some puzzles on the floor. My firstborn was running the house naked waiting for the baby to be done in the bath. A split second … Continue reading


  • Mar 22 2013
    Friday Night: Do Passover Your Own Way

    Passover is my favorite Jewish holiday. A meal and story followed by an entire week of daily (albeit minimal) sacrifices made in mindful celebration of our ancestors’ exodus from Egypt. Admittedly I can’t pass up an opportunity to smear horseradish … Continue reading


  • Feb 22 2013
    Happy Purim Birthday to My Son

    February used to be just a short month in the middle of winter. It was pretty uneventful, cold and usually over in a flash. When I converted to Judaism I remember thinking how nice it was that February held one … Continue reading


  • Jan 25 2013
    Friday Night: Too Tired for Shabbat?

    Lately, I have been desperately seeking Shabbat. At least I think I am and then I wonder if I’m just wishing the week away. Wishing away another seven days of snow and cold; tantrums and snotty noses. During the week, … Continue reading


  • Jan 15 2013
    What I Learned from My 2012 Bucket List

    We’re now well into January and I’m just getting around to my reflections on last year. While I’m always excited to welcome the new, last year was so profound I wanted to soak it all in for a bit. If … Continue reading


  • Dec 13 2012
    I Chickened Out of Preschool

    This past summer, my husband and I decided to send our toddler to Jewish preschool. We agonized over our budget to see if we could make it work. I read up on gentle separation techniques and ordered him a backpack. … Continue reading


  • Dec 11 2012
    Mom Stays In the Picture: Hanukkah Edition

    One of the most popular posts of late on the Huffington Post was one by Allison Tate about moms staying in the picture. Her piece has been shared almost seven hundred thousand times not only because it was powerful and … Continue reading


  • Dec 5 2012
    How My Toddler’s Adjusting to Life With Two

    My toddler is slowly but surely adjusting to his new baby brother. I try hard to foresee battles before they ensue and we’re slowly getting back to our old dynamic. I’m getting used to taking two kids everywhere and I’ve … Continue reading


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