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Tanya Tolchin
Tanya Tolchin is a manager at Israeli Harvest, a farmer at Jug Bay Market Garden, a writer, an environmentalist and most importantly a mom. She has a new blog: On the Lettuce Edge.

Posts by Tanya:

  • Oct 10 2011
    It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Sukkot

    Sukkot is one of my favorite Jewish Holidays, and it is wonderful and fun for kids.  You get to build a club house and decorate it with all of your awesome art and crayon creations. You can eat, play, and … Continue reading


  • Oct 3 2011
    Rained Out Rosh Hashanah

    I am one of those people who questions conventional wisdom, and sometimes that means stumbling on clichés and common knowledge the hard way.  It took working two jobs with a long commute to start to understand why Shabbat matters. It took … Continue reading


  • Jun 29 2011
    On The Farm: The Tomatoes are Here!

    We try to eat at least somewhat seasonally in our house, switching from fresh vegetables to frozen in the winter and following the fruit that is coming from Florida rather than further afield. Most of the year I skip over … Continue reading


  • Jun 15 2011
    On the Farm: Milking a Cow Gives You Time to Think

    It turns out that new farmers and new parents have something in common.  Both groups marvel at how days can be completely filled with caring for the needs of others and complain about having “no time”.   It is true that … Continue reading


  • May 17 2011
    On The Farm: Big Shoes

    My 16-month-old girl loves shoes. She seems to love them indiscriminately – from giant mud caked farm boots, to rubber boots six sizes too big to her new butterfly sandals. She wants to wear them all. I think there is … Continue reading


  • May 6 2011
    Local Strawberries & Cake: Happy (Jewish) Mothers Day

    When I grew up my mother was kind of anti-mother’s day. She thought it was an overly commercialized holiday for buying cloying greeting cards and celebrating an old school non-feminist type of 50’s motherhood which did not reflect her. So … Continue reading


  • Apr 18 2011
    Back to the Land

    It is April and my husband and I are pushing tiny onion bulbs into muddy soil, caring for trays and trays of tiny seedlings and gearing up for Passover. We run a small organic farm about 20 miles outside Washington, … Continue reading


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