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About: Tara
Full Name Tara Filowitz Arrey
Tara Filowitz Arrey
Tara Filowitz is a high school Language Arts teacher, a stepmom to a 16-year-old, a mom-to-be of a baby girl, and wife to a loving husband. A graduate of both Brandeis University ('01) and Chapman University (MAE - '07), she'll be paying off her student loans for the rest of her life. When she's not writing for Kveller, she spends her time recapping reality television for and taking copious amounts of photos of her charming pit bull/other-child, Lucy. Follow her on Twitter - @MISHIGA95.

Posts by Tara:

  • Aug 1 2013
    Life as a Summertime Stay-at-Home Mom

    Being a teacher is one of those jobs that is SUPER-challenging from September to May, and then SUPER-easy from June through August–because having the summer off is a huge perk! In the past, I haven’t been the biggest fan of … Continue reading


  • Apr 30 2013
    Playing the Baby Competition Game

    Charly’s turning 9 months old next week–she’s been in the world longer then she was growing in my belly! Now that I’m back at work full time, it feels like months are literally zipping by. I’m trying to treasure every … Continue reading


  • Dec 21 2012
    Going Back to Work After Baby

    Well, I knew it would have to happen. I knew the date was rapidly approaching. But I didn’t expect it to feel like such a shock… Yes, I have gone back to work. Noooooo! While I was not working, especially … Continue reading


  • Nov 13 2012
    Behind the Scenes of My Daughter’s Baby Naming

    Time flies! It’s hard to believe I have a 3-month-old baby and will be heading back to work after the Thanksgiving holiday (boo!). Since she wasn’t a boy, we weren’t rushed to have a bris, but I always knew I … Continue reading


  • Sep 25 2012
    Having My First Baby: The Before & After

    Wow! Charlotte is 8 weeks old and it’s hard to believe she’s been home for two months now. My life feels like it’s been broken into two parts–B.C. (Before Charlotte) and A.C. (After Charlotte). B.C. I could get up and … Continue reading


  • Aug 14 2012
    34 Weeks & Suddenly Giving Birth

    Welcome to the world, Charlotte Leona! We’re wishing Kveller contributer Tara Filowitz Arrey a huge mazel tov on the birth of her first child on August 1st. Read below for her birth story, which happened quite unexpectedly at 34 weeks: … Continue reading


  • Jul 26 2012
    The Nursery I Want vs. The Nursery I Have

    As my baby bump grows bigger and bigger, the reality of an actual baby is getting more and more intense. In preparation for our little girl, I knew I would need to make a room for her. Our little house … Continue reading


  • May 24 2012
    Week 25: Freaking Out About Day Care Before My Baby is Born

    This week has been one of harsh realities. Yes, we’re super-excited about welcoming our bundle of joy (Carolyn? Caitlin? Charlotte?–seriously the name keeps changing everyday!), but each day that passes gives us new things to think about. Things that we … Continue reading


  • May 18 2012
    Pregnancy: A Surprising Cure for Crohn’s Disease

    Back when I was 18 years old and on my way to college, I had a very dramatic medical situation on a family vacation that resulted in some MAJOR surgery and a diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease.


  • May 4 2012
    Choosing a Name: Too Goyish vs. Too… Biblical

    Around month four, we started trying to figure out a name for our baby-to-be. But in our interfaith marriage, finding the perfect name wasn’t as easy as we’d thought it would be.



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