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Mar 25 2013

8 Tips for Getting Through the Seder

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Your kids might take a surprising liking to this old classic.

Sometimes keeping the kids at the Passover table is hard work. See below for tips and tricks on things they can do before the seder, at the seder, or somewhere near the seder. (And here’s a Passover primer for the grownups so you can refresh your memory on what the holiday is about again. And here are some great tips for parents with older kids.)

1. Watch our favorite Passover movies (quick download them now!)

2. Draw on our Passover coloring page for the younger members of the family.

3. Practice The Four Questions, with audio too!

4. Watch this awesome Kveller video about the Seder plate.

5. Sing these Passover songs.

6. Think: What would Mayim do?

7. Play with this “find the hametz!” app.

8. If all else fails, there’s always the Maccabeats Passover video.

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