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Aug 27 2012

News Roundup: Circumcision is good, boys in Nevada don’t do it

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All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.

-As the debate over circumcision rages on in Europe, the American Academy of Pediatrics has shifted its position and come out in favor of circumcision indicating that the health benefits outweigh the risks. (New York Times)

-Circumcision rates vary greatly across the United States. Almost  90% of the baby boys born in West Virginia were circumcised in 2009 while the procedure was performed on only 12% of baby boys in Nevada. Want to know why? (The Foward)

-What is your parenting style? Jezebel offers a round up of the all the latest parenting fads. Hypnosis parenting anyone? (Jezebel)

-We asked for help, and Kveller readers respond here with their take on Jewish v. secular preschool. (Forward)

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