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Mar 23 2012

News Roundup: Skinny Israeli Models and Fancy Birthing Rooms

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All the news you (probably) didn’t have time to read this week.

Israeli model Or Grossman

Israeli model Or Grossman

-Lawmakers in Israel this week banned skinny models, or at least models that are too skinny from walking the runaway or appearing in advertisements and commercials. The law also requires magazines to note when they’ve used Photoshop to make models appear thinner. (Jezebel)

-Bilingual babies are smarter. (New York Times)

-In case you’re looking to go for a deluxe birth, check out this list of nine of the world’s most luxurious places to deliver a baby. We’ll be opting for Clinique des Grangettes in Switzerland where food is prepared by a chef with a Michelin star (insert joke about the crap food you were served after pushing a baby out of your vagina here). (Babble)

-Check out this beautiful pregnancy reduced down to a 90 second video (Buzzfeed)

-A father whose son has Down syndrome reflects on his son’s disease. A new non-invasive test will make it easy for women to find out as early as 10 weeks if the child she is carrying has the disease. (The Forward)

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