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Mar 14 2013

Passover Shopping Guide: Gifts for the Seder Host

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If you’re not hosting your own seder but attending someone else’s this year, it’s a nice gesture to bring a little host gift. After all, they are feeding you tons of food, pouring a lot of wine, and retelling the entire Exodus story. That’s a lot to be thankful for! Here are some of our favorite gift ideas.

The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook ($35) Remind them that soon, they won’t have to make everything with matzah meal. Deb Perelman of The Smitten Kitchen recently came out with a very popular cookbook and everything looks ah-maz-ing.

smitten kitchen cookbook

Yiddish Wisdom Coasters ($18) These bright and colorful coasters have popular Yiddish sayings like “One friend is better than 10 relatives” and “Man plans and God laughs.”yiddish wisdom coasters

Electric Wine Opener ($25.95) Four glasses of wine for each seder guest means you might be going through a lot of bottles of wine in one night. Give them a hand with this electric wine opener.

electric wine opener

Yiddish Saying Bowl – Eat a Bit ($35) It’s always good to nudge your friends to nosh, especially when they don’t have a live-in bubbe to do it.
eat a bit bowl

Melissa & Doug Passover Box of Questions ($8.63) This is a unique and interactive gift, filled with 82 original questions to spark conversation at the seder table.passover box of questions

Scrapbooking Passover Kit ($14) If you’ve got a crafty scrapbooker on your hands, they’ll love this scrapbooking kit, filled with Passover-themed stationary, stickers, ribbon and more.passover scrapbooking kit

Herb Garden for Wine Lovers ($18) If they’re the kind of people who might casually mention the phrase “wine pairing,” this herb garden for wine lovers is an especially impressive gift, with its organic herbs carefully chosen to compliment fine wine.herb garden for wine lovers kit

Matzah Kitchen Set ($24) This cute oven mitt and apron set is Passover-tastic, and even better, the apron comes with a recipe for matzah brei printed right on the bottom.matzah apron

Passover Chocolate Marshmallow Frog & Locust Gift Set ($17.99) Have your plagues and eat them, too.
passover chocolate marshmallow frog and locust gift set

Passover Go Fish Card Game ($6.95) If your host has kids, the best gift might be the one that gets those kids out of their hair. The super cute Go Fish game should do the trick!passover go fish card game

*By purchasing any of the above items from Amazon and ModernTribe, a portion of the proceeds will help support Kveller, which would make us one very happy not-for-profit website. To see all of our Passover shopping guides, click here.

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