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Nov 7 2012

Q&A With Hurricane Sandy’s Youngest Relief Workers

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Lulu and Burke, age 5, sold milk and cookies to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy. They raised money to give to Masbia Soup Kitchen in New York. We have an exclusive Q&A with these two generous (and adorable) kiddos.

Was Hurricane Sandy scary?

Yes, because it broke down everything. It was so windy and rainy. Guess what? Red Hook lost electricity, the traffic lights ran out and I was thinking about the houses. I felt cozy in my house.

Lulu and Burke hand over their hard-earned cash to the folks at Masbia

Why did you decide to raise this money?

We felt sad for the people at the armory and we wanted them to be healthy. The armory is being used as a shelter.

Was it hard work to sell all those milk and cookies?

Really hard! Some people just walked by and some people just gave us money and didn’t even get a cookie. Nobody wanted milk! The first day we only had one customer who wanted milk. A UPS girl gave us a dollar! A truck driver bought 5 cookies for all his men! Our friend’s mom gave us $20 for a cookie!

What do you think Masbia is going to do with all that money you raised?

Buy food for people who lost their houses so they can live.

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