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Dec 31 2013

Carla’s Favorite Kveller Posts from 2013

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2013 has been another big year for Kveller, and our community keeps growing. We have had more readers and writers than ever before, and in case we run out, the team has been doing our part to produce the next generation. Jordana welcomed her fifth child (and started writing a column for the Jewish Daily Forward), Tamara announced her third pregnancy, and Associate Editor Molly Tolsky became an aunt again. Kveller Editor Deborah insists she didn’t really do anything this year, but I think adjusting to life with two kids while running a successful and growing Jewish parenting website is a pretty big deal!

Beyond the whole baby thing, Sarah and Tam both had posts go viral, Mayim was nominated for another Emmy and her first SAG award, and Kveller contributor Avital Norman Nathman’s first book, The Good Mother Myth (featuring several Kveller writers), was published. I sold my first book (Learning to Stay, to be published by Parallax Press, Fall 2014), and Adina and I are working with Jewish mama, historian, and sociologist Judith Rosenbaum on an anthology exploring the experience of modern Jewish motherhood, which will also feature a number of Kveller writers.

Of all the pieces I write for Kveller over the course of a year, I think this is my favorite. I spend several hours combing through every single post that we have published, and as I read them, I am just blown away by how thoughtful, funny, eloquent, and honest our writers are. It’s never easy to narrow the list down to 10, but I have done it again this year. Read the rest of this entry →


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