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Jun 18 2012

Bat Mitzvah Photo Contest Winner: My Theme Was “Peace”

By at 9:30 am

A little while ago, our editorial assistant risked permanent publicĀ embarrassment and shared pictures from “Mollypalooza,” a.k.a. her bat mitzvah. We then asked our readers to send in their own bat mitzvah pictures, and chose a favorite to feature on the site. Without further ado, we present to you Gili Warsett:

Here, we ask Gili a few questions about her bat mitzvah:

What exactly did a “peace” themed bat mitzvah entail?

I became a bat mitzvah during the onset of themed b’nai mitzvot, and my mom, ever the Jewish feminist, would not allow me to have a non-Jewish related theme. She wasn’t totally sold on the theme idea at all, but if I had to have one, it certainly meant I couldn’t have a shopping, drama, baseball, or Disney-themed party, which was very popular in Florida at the time. A lot of my friends chose themes that highlighted an aspect of their identity like playing the flute or being a champion swimmer, but I failed at piano and caused my softball team to lose every game. Read the rest of this entry →


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