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May 7 2014

The Kid-Dish: Alicia Silverstone Explains Why She Nixed The Bris

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.alicia-silverstone

-In her new book, “The Kind Mama: A Simple Guide to Supercharged Fertility, a Radiant Pregnancy, a Sweeter Birth, and a Healthier, More Beautiful Beginning,” Alicia Silverstone explains why she decided against circumcizing her son, Bear. The anti-circumsion site Beyond the Bris offers this quote:

“I was raised Jewish, so the second my parents found out that they had a male grandchild, they wanted to know when we’d be having a bris (the Jewish circumcision ceremony traditionally performed 8 days after a baby is born),” she writes. “When I said we weren’t having one, my dad got a bit worked up. But my thinking was: If little boys were supposed to have their penises ‘fixed,’ did that mean we were saying that God made the body imperfect?”

While the rest of the book offers some questionable medical advice, Silverstone’s view on circumcision is becoming increasingly widespread among Jewish families.  (JTA) Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 23 2014

The Kid-Dish: Mazel Tov! Drew Barrymore Welcomes 2nd Daughter, Frankie

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.drew-barrymore

-Drew Barrymore welcomed a daughter, Frankie, with her husband Will Kopelman on Tuesday. As we previously reported, Drew has plans to convert to Judaism, even reaching out to her frequent co-star Adam Sandler for help. Mazel Tov, Drew and Will! (People)

-Alicia Silverstone started potty training her son Bear at age 6 months. As she describes in her new book, “The Kind Mama,” Alicia used “elimination communication” to get her baby on the toilet from infancy. (People)

-Christina Aguilera posted a rare photo of her baby bump on her Facebook page, Thursday. She is expecting her second child with (possibly Jewish?) fiance Matt Rutler. She captioned the photo, “Baby loves N.Y.C.”  She has a son, Max Liron, from her previous marriage to Jordan Bratman. (The Hollywood Gossip)

-It’s a girl! Mila Kunis has revealed the gender of the baby she is expecting with her “That 70’s Show” co-star Ashton Kutcher. (The Hollywood Gossip)

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Jul 17 2013

Why is Life & Style Magazine So Appalled at Breast Milk-Sharing?

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life and style magazine alicia silverstone break milk sharing programThe online parenting community has been abuzz with THIS picture taken from the Life & Style July 22nd issue.

As I sat down to write my response… I needed to take many deep breaths. Deep breaths to refrain from screaming or WRITING IN ALL CAPS! BAD IDEA? SLAVES? WHAT!?! Deep breaths… deep breaths.

Okay, first, some background: actress and vegan lifestyle advocate Alicia Silverstone has started a breast milk-sharing program called, “Kind Mama Milk Share.” It is a way for those with a milk surplus to provide for those moms in need.

The part of the picture that is true is, “Alicia Silverstone’s breast milk-sharing program is not new.” Wet nurses were around back in 2000 BCE. The profession is mentioned in the Bible when Pharaoh’s daughter needs one to nurse Moses. And could you imagine where we’d all be if that guy never got fed? Yes, there were slaves who took on this profession at various times in history, but the idea of milk-sharing IS nothing new, and it continues to be prominent and IMPORTANT (sorry…there are those caps again) in today’s society (see: the National Milk Bank, Prolacta, and a slew of others).  Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 14 2012

The Kid-Dish: Is Magnus a Jewish Name?

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

elizabeth banks

– Pink and her daughter Willow wore matching striped pants this week. I did not have Pink pegged as a matching clothes mom, but then, I also didn’t know she had a kid until ten minutes ago. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Elizabeth Banks, who converted to Judaism to marry her husband Max Handelman, just had their second child via a surrogate. Magnus Mitchell Handelman joins their 20-month-old son Felix, also from a gestational surrogate. (US Weekly)

– Party of Five actor and Member of the Tribe Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley Limp just had their second son, Miller William Wolf, who joins Jackson, 3, in the family. (US Weekly)

– And finally, controversy-prone Alicia Silverstone was out on the town with her son Bear Blu this week. His face was adorably messy, and both were all smiles. (Hollymoms)

May 23 2012

The Kid-Dish: Zuckerberg’s Intermarriage, Gyllenhaal’s Hippie Seders

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

– Billionaire babies may be in the future for Mark Zuckerberg, who surprised the world–and also maybe his family–with getting married the day after Facebook went public. The Sisterhood notes the other surprise: nobody’s really talking about the fact that it’s an intermarriage. (Forward)

– Also from the Forward, an interview with Maggie Gyllenhaal, who stars in the upcoming movie Hysteria (a comedy about the birth of the vibrator in Victorian England!). Gyllenhaal talks about growing up with hippie seders and ordering food from Russ & Daughters on Christmas. (Forward)

Apple and Moses Martin are now officially cooler than me because they went to a Jay-Z and Kanye West concert in London and Apple, 8 years old, even has pink hair. I will deduct two cool points for showing up with their mom, though. I mean, lame, right? (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Alicia Silverstone is back in the news, though this time it’s a lot less controversial: she has developed her own line of eco-friendly makeup and skincare products. From her video interview on Juice Beauty: “I don’t want it to hurt the planet, and I don’t want it to hurt animals. But then I want it to be amazing! And delicious!” (LilSugar)

Apr 11 2012

The Kid-Dish: Alicia Responds to Mouth Feeding Uproar

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

Alicia Silverstone responds to the uproar surrounding the video she posted of herself feeding her son Bear mouth-to-mouth. “People have been feeding their kids that way for thousands of years. It’s a weaning process. Honestly, when I posted the video I was not thinking, so maybe I was like Cher.” Clueless reference for the win! (Celeb Baby Laundry)

On her blog, Tori Spelling poses the important question: At what age is it appropriate to start talking to your kids about religion? Spelling writes: “This morning I walked into the kids’ room and I heard Liam and Stella talking to each other. Liam said to Stella “you’re a Jewish” and Stella said, “No Liam, you’re a Jewish.” I must admit, that’s pretty cute. (ediTORIal)

Maggie Gyllenhaal was spotted with her mother, her husband Peter Sarsgaard, and their 5-year-old daughter Ramona walking through the streets of Brooklyn on Sunday. The article headline reads “Easter Fun in Brooklyn,” but I’m pretty sure they meant to say Passover Fun. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Best known as a thriller writer and host of the TV show “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded,” Brad Meltzer has also written two books just for his kids: Heroes For My Son, and the forthcoming Heroes For My Daughter. On LilSugar, he talks about just who these heroes are, including Amelia Earhart, Lucille Ball and Judy Blume. (LilSugar)

Mar 28 2012

The Kid-Dish: Alicia Feeds Bear Like a Bird

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

Alicia Silverstone: She wears a sling, she breastfeeds in public, and she feeds 10-month-old Bear Blue… mouth to mouth. Like a bird. Also, this pair has some sophisticated tastes: “I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum! I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite…and mine.” (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Tori Spelling is pregnant again. That’s pretty fast action for someone who just gave birth to her third child, Hattie, only five months ago. But it does make sense. Four is the new three, after all. (ediTORIal)

– Nothing looks too out of the ordinary with this picture of Rachel Zoe and the forever-sweater-wearing Skyler, until you read the description beneath it in which we learn that for Skyler’s 1st birthday, he was given a “a personalized child-size wooden boat as a gift.” (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– And in one of my favorite headlines of the week, “Maggie Gyllenhaal Shows Off Her Baby Bump & Her Birkenstocks.” (Famecrawler)

Feb 16 2011

The Kid-Dish: The Bumps Keep Growing for Alicia, Kate, and Natalie

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know

- Pregnant Alicia Silverstone was seen leaving a Pilates class in LA wearing sweatpants and ugly shoes and other normal people things. She is expecting her first child with husband Christopher Jarecki. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Pregnant Kate Hudson was spotted celebrating her boyfriend Matt Bellamy’s (of Muse) Grammy win in West Hollywood on Monday. But wait, is he more than a boyfriend? Apparently some new ring-finger bling has been spotted, as well. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Claire Danes has arrived in Israel to start shooting “Patriots”, the American version of the Israeli TV series “Kidnapped”. She’s not Jewish and she’s not a mom, but maybe she’ll meet a nice Jewish boy while there and join our list of hot Jewish celebrity parents. (YNet)

- Natalie Portman is putting her happy-pregnancy-vibes to good use by teaming up with Free The Children, a charity that raises funds for better schools in Kenya. The most successful fundraiser will win the (pre-baby-bump) dress Portman wore to the premiere of Black Swan last year. In other Portman news, is it a boy? (Babyrazzi)


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