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Sep 14 2012

Top Five Reasons to Support Kveller

By at 4:47 pm

Carla Naumburg donationAs you may know, Kveller is part of a nonprofit organization, which by definition means we’re not making money. Thus, we need yours. As you plan your end-of-the-(Jewish) year tzedakah, we think you should consider adding Kveller to your list, and here are a few good reasons why:

1. We highlight the voices of Jewish women.Don’t get me wrong, we love our men. And we’d love some more men. (Writers, I’m talking about writers!) But it isn’t often that women come together and share their stories about motherhood in such honest, empowering, and hilarious ways.

2. We’re not afraid to duke it out.Here at Kveller, we take on the tough issues of raising Jewish children, and we welcome different perspectives. We’re supportive, but we also tell it like it is.

3. We’ve used the words “vibrator” and “Rabbi” in the same sentence.Need I say more?

4. We have useful information.Looking for recipes? Gift ideas? How to say the blessings over the candles on Friday night? Information on Jewish genetic diseases? We’ve got you covered.

5. It’s the right thing to do. What kind of Jewish mother would I be if I didn’t play the guilt card? Supporting Kveller is a mitzvah, and you should do it.

Have I convinced you? If so, please consider supporting And whatever you do, we wish you a very Happy New Year. depends on donations from people like you to cover 85% of its operating budget. Help make a difference by making a tax-deductible donation today.

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Sep 11 2012

One Very Good Reason to Support Kveller

By at 3:29 pm

kveller appeal tamara depends on donations from people like you to cover 85% of its operating budget. This High Holiday season, we’ll be highlighting some of the voices of the Kveller community and asking for your support.

I stumbled upon Kveller shortly after my conversion to Judaism and the birth of my first child. I didn’t know how to instill a strong Jewish identity in my son, while still just discovering my own. What I needed more than anything was a textbook on how to be a Jewish wife and mother but what I found on Kveller were loving and diverse examples of how to do both imperfectly, with a faithful heart.

You, the readers of this site, have congratulated me on my conversion and encouraged me on my faith journey. You stood beside me when I shared my struggle with postpartum anxiety and cried with me when I miscarried. Read the rest of this entry →


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