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Mar 9 2012

What I Really Think About Attachment Parenting

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attachment parenting

My girls never wanted to co-sleep with us.

It’s been a big week here at Kveller.

Tamara Reese announced her second pregnancy, and Amy Deutsch was outed about hers. Jordana’s family was felled by ear infections and coxsackie virus, and Sarah Tuttle-Singer ran out of her beloved eye drops, which are apparently unavailable in Israel. (Anyone who has spent any significant time travelling can attest to how traumatic this can be.) Perhaps best of all, I braved my way to the Big Apple and got to see our editor Debbie Kolben interview Mayim Bialik about her new book. (Haven’t you heard? She’s got a book out. Oh, and she has sex in the kitchen. Just ask Barbara Walters—she’ll tell you all about it.) Read the rest of this entry →

Apr 14 2011

Dating Without Babysitters

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Sometimes we camp out in the livingroom and have "threesomes."

Some people don’t believe in the tooth fairy–I don’t believe in babysitters. (And I don’t think there is anything wrong with people who do.)

But I do believe that dating doesn’t have to stop once you’re married (dating your spouse, that is). It just becomes more difficult, especially after children. So how do you date your spouse, if you don’t believe in babysitters?

My husband and I both agreed after our son was born five years ago that we did not want to leave him with babysitters, especially when he was an infant and unable to tell us how the experience was. (The decision was reinforced when my son was an infant and we left him with a family member who kept him in his car seat by an open patio door for the entire hour and another family member who took him out in his stroller and left him in the middle of the street while he picked flowers. Was a night watching an overrated film and eating overpriced greasy popcorn worth endangering my son? Probably not. Read the rest of this entry →


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