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Oct 2 2014

It’s a Girl for Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher!

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Mazel Tov! Mila Kunis and fiancee Ashton Kutcher had a baby girl!

The actress had a health baby girl at Cedars-Sinai, the hospital of choice for movie stars, at 6 a.m., Tuesday morning.

No word on the name yet, but we can recommend a great Jewish baby name bank if they are still on the fence. Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 11 2014

10 Tips for Naming a Jewish Baby, Inspired by Scarlett Johansson

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Word on the street is that Scarlett Johansson has named her baby daughter Rose.

I love this name. I’d better: It’s my second daughter’s name. And I take baby naming seriously. I have strong opinions about the names we choose for our children, because that’s what happens when your full name is Carla George Naumburg and you have to spend your entire life explaining to people that:

a) Yes, it is possible for a white girl to spell her name with a C rather than a K. (My mother is half-Italian, so calm down, people!) Read the rest of this entry →

Sep 5 2014

ScarJo Welcomes Baby Girl, Rose Dorothy!

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A huge mazel tov is in order–or should we say felicitations?

Scarlett Johansson (with a little help from her French journalist Romain Dauriac) just birthed a French-Jewish baby girl in New York City–presumably with gorgeous voluptuous lips like her mom.

The baby has the most adorable old person’s name, Rose Dorothy (coincidently two Golden Girls), named for Scarlett’s grandmother, whom the actress has described as “the first Francophone in my family.” Read the rest of this entry →

Aug 5 2014

Why is There No Ritual For the Completion of a Family?

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“Are you sure?” my OB asked at my very first appointment. “Yes,” I replied without hesitation. “Absolutely.”

Joking about my husband, the rabbi, she scheduled my third C-section for December 24th because “of course, the rabbi’s kid should be born on Christmas eve.” I laughed and then immediately requested that my tubes be removed during the surgery.

I was 37, it was our third child, and I knew we were done. My husband and I had discussed it already and had both agreed. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 17 2014

A Baby Naming? For a Boy?

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I glanced at the invitation, stroking a finger over the shiny silver and blue stripes. The teddy bear applique was sweet. I looked at the date and sighed. If it were almost anyone else in the world, I would have sent my regrets and a thoughtful gift. Attending this party required a 600-mile round trip with a 3-year-old and a toddler, and would be bookended by close-of-the-school-year madness. The idea alone was exhausting. I massaged the bridge of my nose.

I knew we had to go. This baby naming was hosted by one of my husband’s closest friends. They had grown up together, through high school and college, into careers and relationships. They served as best men at each other’s weddings. (His wife is actually the reason my marriage is legal. When my overwhelmed fiancé left our marriage license at home, she sped to retrieve it before the start of the ceremony.) Our firstborn daughters are three months apart, and they are already friends. They talk sometimes over Skype, proud dads grinning in the background.

I glanced at the invitation again. Wait a minute–a baby naming? For a boy? Read the rest of this entry →

May 28 2014

My Daughter’s Name is Creeping Up the Popularity List–and I Don’t Like It

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Oy vey! Charlotte just inched up another spot on the list of most popular baby names.

When we were thinking up names for our unborn child, we set on Charlotte, if it was a girl, about half way through the second trimester. My bubbie’s name was Cynthia, and we wanted to honor her memory with a “C”or “S” name. When we vetted the name to my parents over dinner one evening, months before my due date, my dad said he knew my Bubbie would have liked the name Charlotte, which sealed the deal.

Of course we had spent ample time reading through name books and looking online. Pre-smart phone, I wish I’d had an app for that (like the new Kveller Jewish Baby Names app!). I had always thought if I had a daughter I would like to name her Zaina (also after my Bubbie, whose Yiddish nickname was Shanie). I also liked Sima and Samara, but Charlotte had a nice ring to it, classy and timeless. And it was ranked as #46 most popular girl’s name according to the US Census Records in 2011. Now it’s #11. Read the rest of this entry →

May 12 2014

News Roundup: Noah Beats Jacob as Most Popular Baby Name of 2013

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All the parenting news you probably didn’t have time to read this week.500-names

-Noah beat Jacob as most popular baby boys name of 2013, after a 14-year reign, according to the Social Security Administration’s recently released list.  Sophia remained in the favorite girl name spot for the third year in a row. Noah was followed by Liam, Jacob, Mason and William. Sophia was followed by Emma, Olivia, Isabella and Ava(AP)

(Shameless plug: If you need help choosing a name for your new baby, try Kveller’s new baby name app!)

-Doctors may be cutting you open for no reason. According to a New York Times piece, a San Francisco hospital which serves the poor has drastically lower C-section rates than other hospitals. But somehow San Francisco General has the same birth outcomes for infants and better outcomes for the mother than other hospitals. The possible reasons for this disparity are chilling. (New York Times)

-A Toronto Library denied a request to pull the Dr. Seuss classic “Hop on Pop” from shelfs after a complaint argued the children’s book encourages violence towards dads. And, thank goodness–where would children’s lit be without Dr. Seuss? (CNN)

-Literature and television fans rejoice. Anita Diamant’s ground-breaking book, “The Red Tent,” is about to become a Lifetime Network miniseries. Diamant’s best selling novel about Dina, daughter of Jacob, made waves for being a rare literary interpretation of the bible through the eyes of a woman. (JTA)

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Don’t Know What to Name Your Baby? There’s a Kveller App for That

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Kveller Jewish Baby Name App

Becoming a parent comes with many challenges, one of the first ones being choosing the perfect name that will honor tradition, sound unique but not too unique, and help form this child’s identity for the rest of her life.

No biggie, right?

We’re here to make this grueling but important process a bit easier with the launch of our very first app, Kveller Jewish Baby Names. Now you can search through our extensive Jewish baby name bank on the go, from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad.

The app lets you scroll through both English, Hebrew, and Yiddish names, learn the names’ origins, keep track of your favorites, and read through fun name lists. And for those feeling extra brave, the “Name My Baby For Me” button does not disappoint.

The best part? The app is FREE! So head on over to the iTunes store today, download, and enjoy!


This app was produced with the generous help of G-dcast. Check out some of their other fun apps for kids here.

Jan 20 2014

Need Some Naming Inspiration? Here Are the Top Israeli Baby Names

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shalom nametag

If you’re pregnant and looking for some baby name inspiration, or simply love crafting names for imaginary babies that live inside your head (not that we would know about that), take some tips from the Holy Land. The Israel Central Bureau of Statistics’s recently released their list of the most popular Israeli baby names of 2012 (yes, it’s currently 2014, but who are we to complain?).

While these names are obviously common in Israel, they can be unique and meaningful for a kid growing up in the United States. OK, maybe not Sarah and David, but you get the point.

Without further ado, here they are. Read the rest of this entry →

Jan 7 2014

And We Thought “Aiven Gray” was Unique

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two aiven grays

Cara and her husband Alex thought they had chosen a unique and meaningful name for their son that no other kid in class would have. Turns out, after doing some Internet searches for “Aiven Gray,” they stumbled upon another baby with the same name. They tracked down Dina (the mama), and the below you’ll find the two musing on their naming coincidence. 

Cara’s Story

aiven gray

Around four years ago I threw out the birth control. My fiancée and I decided to leave it to chance, and while we played family roulette in the din of moonlight, we would throw potential baby names out into the universe. Alex’s family is from Argentina, so he would propose Latino names. I was not familiar with any of them and my frustration grew with each suggestion, which in turn frustrated him with my “cultural insensitivity.”

In truth, he and I wanted to honor our dearly departed family members by naming our children after them, so I think most of his suggestions were made in jest. My father passed away when I was 4 and Alex’s mother passed away when he was 7. We had also both lost our beloved grandmothers somewhat recently. But as much as we loved our bubbes, we thought it only fitting that we should honor our parents first: Alvin and Graciela. Read the rest of this entry →


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