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Nov 2 2011

The Kid-Dish: Halloween Costume Roundup

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

– Kids in costumes! They’re the best. Apparently the Parker-Broderick clan have no problem with being Jewish and celebrating Halloween, as evidenced by the lamb and some sort of fruit or flower seen above. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Tori Spelling also joined the trick-or-treat club with her costumed kids, featuring Liam (4) as a ninja tranformer (?!) and Stella (3) as a witch. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Bethenny Frankel dresed up as Hello Kitty for Halloween, a costume that would probably be cuter on her daughter but ok, whatever, let her have her fun. (Famecrawler)

David Arquette was the latest celebrity to be kicked off Dancing With the Stars. This isn’t particularly Halloween related, but it is kind of scary that a Jewish dad made it all the way to week 7. (CBS)

Sep 7 2011

The Kid-Dish: Frankel’s 15-Month-Old Vegetarian, Jewish Parents Dance on TV

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

- Saul Hudson, i.e. Slash from Guns N’ Roses, renewed his wedding vows with Perla Hudson for their 10-year anniversary. It’s all very sweet and their kids London and Cash were involved but don’t think I’m going to end this sentence without pointing out THAT HAT. (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

Bethenny Frankel’s baby girl Bryn is officially a vegetarian at 15 months old. As some sort of reasoning, Frankel states, “As a child, I ate sushi, escargot, venison — anything and everything. I wasn’t squeamish about food, and I’m proud to say that I’ve never ordered off of a children’s menu in my entire life.” (Us Weekly)

The lineup for next season’s Dancing With the Stars has been posted, and I spotted 2 Jewish parents on the list: David Arquette and Ricki Lake. If they dance anything like how Jewish parents dance at Bar Mitzvahs, America will have some treat on our hands. (Babyrazzi)

Adam Sandler was spotted on wheels, with a ride-a-long carrying his girls Sunny and Sadie behind his bike. I enjoy the supplementary picture in which his wife is riding a bike while carrying what I presume to be a phone in her mouth. Mutli-tasking! (Babyrazzi)

Aug 31 2011

The Kid-Dish: Tori Spelling Questions TV, David Schwimmer Flies Away

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

– David Schwimmer booked it out of NYC with his wife Zoe and their new daughter Cleo, who were spotted at JFK on Thursday. Seems he was taking extra measures to shield Cleo from her first hurricane. (PopSugar)

Bethenny Frankel took a break from filming “Bethenny Ever After” to do some light shopping at Prada in SoHo. Word on the street is that this season of her Bravo reality show may be its last, but fear not! She is moving forward with talk show plans! (Babyrazzi)

Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig have not ruled out having kids, adding to Rachel’s 5-year-old son Henry and Daniel’s 19-year-old daughter Ella. Honestly, I had no idea the two were married,  but maybe that’s because of their “very private courtship.” (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– We’ve had a TV debate here between Mayim Bialik and Neal Pollack, and now yet another TV star turned Jewish mom is weighing in: Tori Spelling. She’s not talking about letting her kids watch TV, though–she’s worried about what it does to her marriage. (LilSugar)

Aug 10 2011

The Kid-Dish: The Happy Spelling Family and a New KISS Baby

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All the Jewish celebrity parent gossip you (n)ever wanted to know.

- Selma Blair looked awfully happy taking her new baby Arthur out for a walk in Hollywood. I’m sort of confused by this picture though–after staring long and hard, I still cannot figure out what that white thingie she’s holding is. Thoughts? Anyone? (Celebrity Baby Scoop)

– Reality TV star Bethenny Frankel does some mommy and me yoga with Bryn, who even has her own little yoga mat, which makes the 1-year-old officially in better shape than me. (Babyrazzi)

Paul Stanley of KISS fame welcomed his fourth child into the world, Emily Grace. Mazel! (Babyrazzi)

– Aw, having kids really is a good idea. Tori Spelling credits her kids Liam & Stella for mending the relationship with her own mother, Candy Spelling. Tori and Candy’s feud was made public years ago, but now that the kids are old enough to ask for Grandma, they seem to be one big happy family. (People)


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