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May 22 2014

Sometimes, It Takes an Island to Have a Baby

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Living on an island in Maine–unreachable other than by boat, plane, or helicopter–has its challenges and its pluses. For every moment of feeling like I live in a Manhattan-sized fish bowl–for every canceled ferry boat–there are moments when our tiny community, with just 350 or so year-round residents, functions like a loving family.

If someone has a medical emergency, not only are they often cared for and transported off the island by our volunteer emergency medical service, but a card will appear at the island’s one grocery store, available for all to sign. Donation jars appear in the same spot on the counter for families in need. And perhaps because each new resident represents the continued sustainability of North Haven, the island family is never more functional, motivated, and caring than when it comes to welcoming new babies to the island.

I’ve gotten to see this first hand over the last week, since I had my baby. Read the rest of this entry →

Nov 8 2012

What Do Epidurals Have to do with Day Care?

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Recently I sat down with forms for my daughter’s new day care, ready to answer endless questions about whether she uses bottles or sippy cups and how we get her to fall asleep.

I was not expecting to have to answer any questions about my pregnancy and delivery, which happened nearly 15 months ago. But in a section labeled “Part Four: Pre and Post Natal,” there were a few shocking questions including one that made me stop in my tracks: “Did you have any anesthesia or medication during delivery?”

Really?!? What does a day care need with that information? Here, I thought I was moving past my birth experience, enjoying my daughter walking, talking, and climbing, and day care was throwing it back in my face, effectively saying: you may have damaged your child with an epidural.

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Dec 7 2010

Contest Winners!

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You all know that Kveller just conducted our very first contest ever.

We collected birth stories, and man, what birth stories they were! Filled with contractions, screaming at partners, and water breaking everywhere. The stories ranged from home births, water births, hospital births, birthing center births. They were first babies, second babies, and even third babies. Though they were all different, there was one common thread: the feeling of perfect bliss when finally holding that baby that you worked so hard to bring into the world.

And now… the winners!

Danielle Lefebre
A Water Birth
“I found myself on my hands and knees in an enormous tub, naked, with four people staring down at me…” (read more)

Carla Naumburg
The Four-Day Birth
“I had it all planned out: we would stay at home as long as possible once labor started, watching romantic comedies and eating popcorn. I would take bubble baths and Josh would massage my feet…” (read more)

Galit Breen
Three Different Babies, Three Different Births
“I remember when it was just the two of us. Late nights. Chinese food in bed….” (read more)

Hey, Danielle–check your mail for that Macaroons CD. And stay tuned for our next contest!


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