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Aug 14 2012

34 Weeks & Suddenly Giving Birth

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charlotte leona

Welcome to the world, Charlotte Leona! We’re wishing Kveller contributer Tara Filowitz Arrey a huge mazel tov on the birth of her first child on August 1st. Read below for her birth story, which happened quite unexpectedly at 34 weeks:

In my last post (when I was 33 weeks pregnant) I said, “There’s something so ken ayina hora about having everything all set to go before we find out if [the baby is] alive and healthy. My Mom likes to tell me that my father’s mother (Grandma Carol) wouldn’t even acknowledge my mother’s pregnancy, even in the ninth month, just in case.” Well, there was definitely something to all of that! Despite having a blissful, super-routine, super-normal pregnancy, everything changed dramatically in week 34… Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 16 2012

How I Went from Epidurals to Homebirths

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homebirth bedroomWith all those posts about epidurals last week, I just had to respond with my own.

I was an epidural girl at one point in my life–so I very much relate to those who prefer them. In fact, at my first birth, I had no real plan for my birth except to get that epidural ASAP. And I did. And it was wonderful! I was being induced and after trying to make it through the unbearable contractions for hours while they pumped me full of pitocin that epidural was a God-send! Read the rest of this entry →

Jul 13 2012

Epidurals Are Not For Me

By at 12:39 pm

against epiduralsWhen I saw Jordana Horn’s piece about epidurals come up in my Google Reader yesterday, I had to read it. After all, I’d just given birth to my second child six weeks ago and have some strong feelings about epidurals. Against them, that is. Let me start by saying I really, truly believe that birth is an individual experience, and I want each woman to make the decision that is right for her. So I totally support Jordana’s decision to have an epidural. And another one. And another one. And probably another one at the end of her current pregnancy. But that wasn’t what I wanted. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 26 2012

My Daughter Turns 2 Today

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big sister with new babyMy baby is 2 years old today.

Yet I have been a parent of two for almost three years. From the moment we transferred that second embryo into my artificially-enhanced womb, I become a mother of two, constantly concerned with the health and safety of both of my daughters. My experience of parenting went from the relatively simple (but rarely easy) focus on one tiny little being to an unpredictable reality of constantly shifting attention, competing demands, difficult choices, and unmet needs (often my own). It went from mostly manageable to complete mayhem. Read the rest of this entry →

Jun 21 2012

Check Out My Birth Photos

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tamara birth storyThe NY Times–a little late to the game–has identified the birth photography trend. Apparently, this is breaking news, yet I’ve seen pictures posted on Facebook of almost every little family I know expanding. No blood. No vaginas. No nudity. In actuality, I think the only news worthy part is that “birth photography” has become yet another thing for vendors to capitalize on as expectant parents are already stone-faced looking through the endless aisles of a certain baby super store. Read the rest of this entry →

Feb 20 2012

What if You Want to Attach, But Can’t?

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With Mayim’s book about attachment parenting coming out soon, I have been reflecting on my own mother’s experience. She has kindly agreed to let me write about her ordeal and I want to thank her for allowing me to share her story. (Please note that my interpretation of the events and the conclusions I have drawn are entirely my own). Read the rest of this entry →

Dec 7 2010

Contest Winners!

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You all know that Kveller just conducted our very first contest ever.

We collected birth stories, and man, what birth stories they were! Filled with contractions, screaming at partners, and water breaking everywhere. The stories ranged from home births, water births, hospital births, birthing center births. They were first babies, second babies, and even third babies. Though they were all different, there was one common thread: the feeling of perfect bliss when finally holding that baby that you worked so hard to bring into the world.

And now… the winners!

Danielle Lefebre
A Water Birth
“I found myself on my hands and knees in an enormous tub, naked, with four people staring down at me…” (read more)

Carla Naumburg
The Four-Day Birth
“I had it all planned out: we would stay at home as long as possible once labor started, watching romantic comedies and eating popcorn. I would take bubble baths and Josh would massage my feet…” (read more)

Galit Breen
Three Different Babies, Three Different Births
“I remember when it was just the two of us. Late nights. Chinese food in bed….” (read more)

Hey, Danielle–check your mail for that Macaroons CD. And stay tuned for our next contest!

Nov 9 2010

Contest Announcement: Tell Us Your Birth Story

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We at Kveller are very excited today to announce our very first contest giveaway! Here’s the scoop:

Like a snowflake, no two birth experiences are alike. Unlike a snowflake, birth experiences–with all their emotions and surprises, tears and laughter, pains and joys–make for some mighty interesting stories. That’s why we’re asking you, kind readers, to send us your own birth story. Feel free to get as creative as you want and tell the story in whichever way you like. Our only guidelines are that your entry should be no longer than 1000 words, and the story should indeed be your true birth story–save those sci-fi alien unicorn births for next time, folks!

And since a contest wouldn’t be a contest without a prize, the writer of our favorite birth story will receive:

1. A copy of the awesomely fun Macaroons’ CD, Let’s Go Coconuts. For further proof of why you want this prize, see here.

2. Your story published on Kveller! That’s right, fame and fortune.

Please send your birth stories to by a week from today, November 16th. Looking forward to reading your stories!


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